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Language summer schools

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whereareyou Thu 21-Apr-11 10:48:03

This summer school was recommended on here in the past, as I saved the link.
Perhaps you could post in living overseas or chat asking if anyone has used it or others.

zeus123 Mon 11-Apr-11 06:55:12

I am watching with interest although can't help.

camperdown Sun 23-Jan-11 22:37:36

I would also loved to hear of a language school that a primary school child could visit during the day and then stay with us 'out of school hours' to help learn French so she could communicate better with her relations. This could be in France or the UK, but must be FUN, and seen as a treat!.

qedis Fri 31-Dec-10 14:04:36

Hello all - this is my first ever post!

Can anyone recommend good, safe and effective summer schools where the kids learn French or Spanish?
Would need to suit a teenager and could be overseas.

Many thanks

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