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Son to old for oosc, too young to leave at home

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thunderbird69 Sun 30-Jan-11 09:19:57

My eldest is 11, will be 12 in August and I am starting to worry about holiday childcare. He will be ok until he is 11 but that is as far as they go, really they are aimed at primary school children mainly with littlies in mind. So he already finds it boring! If I worked very close to home I may feel able to leave him (I only work part time) but I'm 9 miles away. It seems that no one realises that this age still needs looking after.

ftm42 Fri 08-Oct-10 22:45:02

Just found this thandsafety/Yourchildssafetyinthehome/DG_070594

on DirectGov. Not sure I'm any happier! Do I just leave him and make sure he has his phone on him at all times? i am only a short distance away and can ring him every so often. What about leaving him in charge of the others though?! (Thinking e-aloud here?!)

ftm42 Fri 08-Oct-10 22:42:06

I'm just about to do 2 weeks' half-term, having recently started a short-term contract (Sept-Xmas). I have next week off anyway for surgery (nothing major but 1-2 weeks' recovery). That's followed by the 2 weeks of hols.

Problem is 2 of my 3 sons are booked into a holiday club for the first week and all 3 will be at home the 2nd week while I work at home (here's hoping...). However, my ES is 13 and I have tried 3 oosc's for him to cover week 1 but they all stop at age 12 or Y8 (he's in Y9). I don't feel he's mature enough to cope with being left on his own while I go into the office (only half a mile away. but , nevertheless...). Never mind the legalities! What do people do when their children turn 13? Do they just get left at home alone?!

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