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Routines for 15 month old

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Starosaur Tue 07-Nov-17 11:24:41

Hi all

What is everyone’s daily routines for 15 month old? Need inspiration/motivation for activities to entertain my little boy. He is not a great sleeer so his daily routine can vary a lot, sometimes one nap sometimes two. So I find it difficult to go along to classes at set times, we go to a music class one day but that’s it. Also he is up in the night a lot so I always feel tired and il be honest sometimes it is a struggle to get through the day. What do you do to entertain your toddler at home or do you go out everyday?
Thanks ladies xx

InDubiousBattle Tue 07-Nov-17 15:52:32

I have 2 dc, 2.4 and almost 4 and barring illness we have always gone out everyday. By 15 months both of mine had moved to one nap a day- although it is a tricky age because they often get sleepy at 11.30ish. I did then much as I do now, toddler group/children's centre/something out in the morning, back for lunch then nap. I've always found toddler groups easier than classes because you can just leave when you're ready or you feel your ds has had enough. We do lots of den making, jigsaws, cooking, baking and crafty stuff at home.

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