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So fed up :(

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rosieandjim2 Wed 18-Jan-17 09:14:39

Hi everyone not posted much but today I am having a right shiter I got up and just feel like curling up in a ball crying all day and not moving sad I have 4 DC and dp one of my DC is being tested for adhd,asd and a few other bits and my youngest 17months is so hard work clingy won't sleep unless he is on me once he is in his cot he will usually wake up and will only stop screaming if he is in our bed . We have no support from family or friends cause we have no friends the ones I did have ain't what I thought they where they will only say hi but if there is no one else then they will stop and talk and I don't know what I have done confused I just wanted a moan really surely things can get better for us I can't be like this much longer hmm xx

JaxingJump Wed 18-Jan-17 09:31:05

Things will get better. I find winter is a nightmare with little ones as they pick up so many bugs and are off sleeping at night etc. and you never know if they're sick or just being difficult. The diagnosis aside as there is nothing you can do but go with that, is it the bad sleep quality with 17mth old that's getting you down the most? I know kids are varying degrees of difficult at night but in the end the only people that can make changes are parents. I think that if your quality of life is being badly affected, you need to take a deep breath and tackle the sleeping. What ages are your others?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Wed 18-Jan-17 09:39:55

Oh you poor thing. I always think a bad day as a SAHP is worse than a bad day at work as at the end of the day you can turn your computer off and go home.
Are there people you can go out and see for a change of scenery?

rosieandjim2 Wed 18-Jan-17 09:40:37

No not the sleep quality just things seam to get on top of me more now than they ever did before usually I am very laid back but I just feel like crying everyday all day. My others are 10,7,5 my 7 year old is being very difficult at the minute and don't know how to deal with him in the best way for him (being assessed) and the best way for us all so the house don't become a battle ground x

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Wed 18-Jan-17 09:41:13

Ok just seen no friends. Well are there any groups you can go to, or a park where you can just wrap them up and let them run wild for half an hour?

thethoughtfox Wed 18-Jan-17 09:42:20


thethoughtfox Wed 18-Jan-17 09:44:28

Why not lean into it and just take the little one into your bed? Maybe they needs extra time and attention. Everyone's happy(ish).

rosieandjim2 Wed 18-Jan-17 19:20:06

Baby dose end up in our bed but kicks wriggles climbs and keeps us awake which we can deal with to a certain degree i just wanted a rant really as we have nobody and with ds2 being difficult I am just worn into the ground x

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