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What does your week look like? Do you plan for each day?

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CaptainWarbeck Sun 15-Jan-17 09:27:30

Just wondering what everyone else does really. We just moved rurally and I'm getting a bit lonely and bored stuck at home with 20m DS and being pregnant with #2. We're 40mins drive away from our old mum pals which is doable once a week or so but not much more.

I've got on to Google and started looking up and joining groups etc, so now so far our week is looking like:

Monday - new local playgroup (am)
Tuesday - Montessori playgroup (am)
Wednesday - during term time I work mornings and DH is home
Thursday - music group and swimming class
Friday - nada

Does this look like a lot to you or is it fairly normal? It's a big increase in our week from before!

NickyEds Mon 16-Jan-17 20:54:56

Looks very similar to my week when ds was that age! I now have a 3 year old and an 18 month old and ds goes to pre school one day and one morning a week so now our week look like this:
Monday- ds in pre school 9.15-2.45. Today I took dd to a local converted mill/art gallery/fancy book shop and went for a long walk.
Tuesday- am toddler group. Sonetimes invite my friend over in the afternoon
Wednesday- nothing organised. We usually have a walk around the village/feed ducks/go to library
Thursday- ds has pre school in the morning. I take dd out somewhere and we have a quiet afternoon.
Friday- am toddler group. I clean all afternoon, the kids go feral and 'help'.

MaGratgarlik1983 Mon 16-Jan-17 23:13:39

Yep. Mon is usually Park or town. Tues pm we usually meet grandma. We'd am and Thurs am are playgroups. Fri is food shop and grandma perhaps.

Notsleepingeveragain Mon 16-Jan-17 23:22:14

Monday: music class
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: dance class
Friday: am toddler group pm: library book group

I am in exactly the same situation as gou but maybe 6 months from where you are (moved rurally 8 months ago and now have a 2 and 6 month old).

I feel like I don't do enough. You look busy and I would like to be equally so. But its hard with 2!

123bananas Mon 16-Jan-17 23:43:43

When I was a SAHM of 2 and then 3 (eldest at school) we went to something like a playgroup/singing/library group 3 mornings a week. 1 morning at the park or walking down river to the supermarket. 1 morning at home.

DH as SAHD living now in a slightly less urban area has been doing 2 playgroups, 1/2 park/walk a week with dc3 in the morning fitted around 2 school runs.

CaptainWarbeck Tue 17-Jan-17 06:38:22

Okay so it sounds like a couple of playgroups and groups each week is fairly normal, I was worried it'd be too much for us both running around to them. Thanks for sharing what you all do, it's good to compare. *

Not* I know it's going to be harder with two... trying to make the most of my time just with DS now before baby arrives.

OutandIn Tue 17-Jan-17 06:50:09

I was never in! I found life with 2 little ones much better out and about doing things.

Wingingit88 Tue 28-Mar-17 06:04:16

Our routine.ds1 is 4 and in pre school 5 Mornings a week. Pick him up at 1145. Ds 2 is 2 and with me all the time
Monday- coffee morning
Thursday-toddler group
Friday-no plans

In the afternoons we go to the shops, meet friends, swim, go to soft play, go to the park.

We don't spend that much time at home, I find everyone is happier if we get out and about

UmuLuxury Tue 28-Mar-17 06:43:43

Agreed. Your plans sound very minimal. When I was at home I was rarely in. Maybe one morning or afternoon a week. But horses for courses.

bigchris Tue 28-Mar-17 06:47:01

Are you near a library? They might do baby rhyme time

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