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Stuck in a rut or normal?

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Itsmummydear Thu 08-Dec-16 05:10:17


Lone parent of 10 month DD, it's going well - she's thriving, I'm so in love with her and life's pretty good.

But I feel like I'm stuck in an unhealthy cycle with my sleep. Before I had DD I struggled with insomnia - twelve years in a nocturnal business industry hadn't helped - I no longer work those hours though.

DD was not one of those "sleep through from 7 weeks types" and still wakes 4-8 times a night... but we are making progress there.. I'm hopeful she's close to sleeping through.

My problem is that I just can't seem to go to bed early, if I do I just lie wide awake even if I'm exhausted... I also think I'm subconsciously stubborn because I need a few hours just to myself to stare into space, let the days events settle and just "reset." But this means I'm having days where my mum has baby and I just flop into bed and sleep..

I just feel on an unhealthy schedule, tired in the mornings when she wakes around 7 and she deserves a fresher, more jolly mum - and I could be more productive on the days I don't have her by doing a food shop instead of it with her or something for me like the gym - but nothing at all beats SLEEP!

Is this something other mums struggle with??

I'm feeling like the only idiot to keep falling into this trap - it's so simple - sleep when she does - but I can't grrrr

Then, if I do spend a day sleeping I'm awake through the night (like now) and the whole cycle starts again...

Bummer x

googietheegg Thu 08-Dec-16 05:42:27

If your mum is happy to help then just see it as a phase. Broken sleep is so hard, so whatever gets you through.

seven201 Thu 08-Dec-16 05:55:03

Wow you are so lucky to have your mum to help like that. I do think having sleeping during the day sessions probably isn't helping you get to sleep in the evenings though. I've heard you're meant to do really boring things for an hour or so before bed eg the ironing and no screen time etc.

Itsmummydear Thu 08-Dec-16 14:38:45

Thank you, yes I need to break this daytime sleeping im such a zombie at times!! Just 24 hrs with baby and me is hard work sometimes...

I'm going to give this a go for sure!

Candlefairy101 Sun 18-Dec-16 11:46:35

Sleeping in the day is so welcoming for me, especially when I two youngest are napping but by two days of doing this I get myself into a terrible cycle.

My mum said as a baby I never slept and I still don't well now but if I start to during the day is almost like my body is preparing for that nap once I get up in the morning.

I have to break the cycle and it's hard because when there napping is all I can think of but I write a list and make my self get into a different rountine

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