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chaplin1409 Mon 31-Oct-16 19:32:09

Hi I was not sure where to write this but in te end decided here might be best. I will try to keep it short. I have 4 children my oldest is 16 in march youngest 10. I have always been a sahm as this was something my dh and I decided before we even had children and I know I am very very lucky that we have managed just about for me to do this. The last week or so it has suddenly dawned on me that everyone is moving on the kids all have their own activities and social life's, my dh has his work and hobby and I have kind of been left behind. I have spent so many years planning trips, activities to do with the kids and just making sure everyone else is happy I have forgotten myself. Now they are all older and really don't need me so much I am lost and don't know what to do. In my mind I still want to do all the things we did but they have grown up and do not want to anymore.
Does anyone else feel a bit like this at all?

gillybeanz Mon 31-Oct-16 19:46:46

Hello OP, I haven't felt completely like you do, but have recently had a short spell of it.
Your life has just moved on, that's all.
Think of it as another transition, like you did when your last one started school.

Write a list of all the things you'd like to do, start with small things like maybe new wardrobe, hair etc.
Then move onto what hobbies you have/ once had that you would like to start up again.
Would you like to volunteer for your favourite charity, or find pt paid work.
I think it's usual to feel a bit lost until you find the new you.
Soon your dc will be grown up and leaving completely and this will be another transition.
FWIW I don't see it as a specific problem of being a sahm, wohm also experience this as their children grow up.

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