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SAHM successful returners

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londonsquirrel Tue 31-May-16 17:48:43

Hi all,
I am a SAHM of 20mo boy and I have been thinking of going back to work for more than half a year now.

For family reasons I did not work during pregnancy, so it has been a while now since my corporate existence, over 3 years. I used to work in IT, manage a team of business analysts. When I left I thought I would like to do something different. But a few years passed and I am now thinking it was not that bad and I actually enjoy that kind of brain exercise you get working in IT.

When first thought I should go back to work at around my son's first birthday I was really panicking that I am not a good enough mother, that I am wasting my degree and committed a career suicide, that we don't have a good enough house, we don't make enough savings, we don't contribute enough to the pension. I was actually depressed back then, not really ready for the market.

I got less anxious and depressed since then, I truly enjoy my time with my son and I am grateful for my DH I could have this career break. I am now exploring the market and updating the CV. Also, I cannot help but read those articles about how hard it is to return to the paid workforce after a career break. Not quite what I need at this point though.

I believe, mumsnet has loads of experience with going back to work after SAHM. Could you share success stories please?

Helen923 Fri 08-Jul-16 16:08:50

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