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Do you feel you need to create activities for your child if they don't go to a nursery/pre-school?

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Snozwanger Mon 18-Apr-16 19:41:29

I'm a full time SAHM mum and my 2.3 year old doesn't go to a nursery. We do go to 2-3 playgroups a week though.

Because I gave up work to look after him I feel like I ought to be giving this my 'all' and making sure he gets the same experiences he would in a childcare setting e.g. sensory activities, crafts, learning activities etc. I do try to think of stuff like this apart from just leaving him to his toys but I often forget to plan things and feel like I'm not doing a good enough job.

How do other SAHMs feel about this and what sort of things do you aim to do with your children to keep them happy/stimulated?

NancyDroop Mon 18-Apr-16 22:58:24

Bumping for you as I'm curious too OP. Considering going down to 3-4 days but how do I entertain them?

Swirlingasong Mon 18-Apr-16 23:18:06

Neither of mine went to nursery before they got their pre-school hours at 3. I would say just enjoy yourselves. The time goes very quickly. As long as you are talking to them, reading, getting out and about, let them get messy and demonstrate basic life skills such as washing, dressing and eating good food, then you are doing grand job. It really doesn't need to be planned. As long as they are doing something, rather than staring at a screen, and enjoying themselves, they are learning. I know how you feel though, mine were comparatively unusual in never having been to childcare so I did feel that my parenting skills were very much h under the microscope once they were in the care of someone else!

G1raffe Mon 18-Apr-16 23:23:36

Not before 3. If anything I think daycare before 3 is attempting to replicate all the experiences a child would get out and about living life with mum (rather than in a single room all day.) So you taking him out to the park, "helping" with washing and playing in the garden are all sensory experiences.... Just enjoy a range of everyday activities, talk to him, read to him and anythingplay that you both like (bricks if you both enjoy that.. Or puzzles or playdough... Bit do it because it's fun for both of you rather than trying to replicate anyything!

After 3ish I think it's worth trying to do something regularly with other children or an activity outside the home etc if not doing preschool but I'd do preschool then even if just a couple of mornibgs.

SuburbanRhonda Mon 18-Apr-16 23:24:34

We were living in Germany when DS was in the pre-school period. There were no playgroups, no children's centres, nothing. So we went shopping, to the park, met up with friends, played at home. Six months after we came back to the UK
he started school, aged 4 and three weeks, having had no pre-school experience at all.

He was fine smile

Snozwanger Tue 19-Apr-16 16:23:37

Thanks everyone.

Swirling you are right. I do keep telling myself that I should be enjoying this time. I find the winter months hard to get motivated and I suppose we're just coming out of that period. Now the weather is getting better I'll feel more upbeat and we can have fun chilling in the garden.

G1raffe I do get him to help me with my normal jobs like the washing and he loves to have a sponge and copy mummy cleaning.

I do need to find some things I can do with him that I'll also enjoy as I find just playing with him and his toys boring sometimes.

Swirlingasong Tue 19-Apr-16 19:45:59

Winter is hard, I feel the same and it seems to have been a long winter this year. But, now it's getting more spring-like get a decent sand pit if you don't have one and, if you have a patio, some pavement chaks and toddlers are happy. If you have a bit of flower bed you can set aside for him to dig, hunt for worms and creepy crawlies, all the better. For a cheap outing, garden centres are great, hours of fun walking through 'jungles' and playing houses in the garden sheds.

Swirlingasong Tue 19-Apr-16 19:47:12

Pavement chalks. No idea what a chak is!

RebeccaRHY1 Tue 26-Apr-16 18:07:37

Yes i was at home with my daughter until she went to nursery at 3. And her younger bro joined us when she was 2 and half. I felt like unlike this was my job.. I did plenty of outdoorsy things with her. Parks/beaches/exploring surrounding/collecting things/painting stones or making pictures with leaves and sticks we collected. We also did plenty soft play coulouring/painting/ play dough/baking etc i did sensory play with coloured spaghetti, pasta shapes, rice and corn flour too but For me it was easier to think of something quick to do then have a bored little girl who to be honest climbed the walls if she wasnt constantly entertained. Plus i felt guilt towards the end of my pregnancy like she was gonna be pushed out soon so i had to cram as much fun in as possible!
To be honest tho children just want you and your time! Theres no need to do anything with them before nursery. They dont have to meet any standard when they get there and will quickly learn as soon as they go. A happy child is whats important if shes happy the way you do things dont pressure yourself to offer more. Just encourage her to question things and follow her lead. :-)

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