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What's your routine inbetween school runs

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Gisla Thu 10-Mar-16 21:15:26

Interested to see what other people's days look like if they have a toddler at home and older children in school.

At the moment dd sometimes takes a long nap between 9.30-11am, unless we have a play group to go to in which case her long nap is in the afternoon. Looking for inspiration an some different ideas for filling the time in between. smile

tryhard Mon 14-Mar-16 20:26:38

My eldest is in Reception and a 2 year old. We almost always go out in the morning, normally toddler group, trip to zoo, trip into town on bus, park, library, post office. Now she's dropped her nap we usually stay out till 12-1pm, then she'll rest in front of TV 2-3pm in lieu of nap, then we pick eldest up from school, home for snack and more TV as eldest child is knackered after school then tea, bath & bed smile

Purplehonesty Mon 14-Mar-16 21:11:24

Today we dropped ds at school, went and did some errands - bank, charity shop, Asda etc.
Then we came home and made soup and scones together, had lunch in the garden, planted and watered some seeds and then watched a bit of tv as dd was tired.
Took the dog for a walk then it was time to fetch ds.
They played in the garden for the rest of the afternoon while I did housework.

Tomorrow we are going into town after drop off to go swimming and visit granny.

Weds-Friday she goes to nursery while I go to work.

Other things we do - bath her babies, lots and lots of baking as its her favourite, visit friends, jigsaws, painting, drawing, playdoh

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