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Any other lonely, worn out sahm out there?

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wornoutmama Mon 15-Feb-16 20:02:27

Lonley, worn out sahm to dd2 and dd4 and after another day of being a referee, cook, cleaner, entertainer and asked 5000 questions. Im feeling like i want to get back to work for a break. Social life consists of playgroup once a week and a 6 monthly night out with partner. Partner works away 4 weeks and home 2 weeks but when he's home he's at training academy 9-5. He's recently been up to not good so personally feeling really low.
Don't get me wrong I love being home with my children but I feel I'm missing adult conversation if nothing else. We have no help with childcare both our parents work full time and busy at weekends, and as with many other people nursery cost for 2 children vs the income we would be on even with me working doesn't even out! At the moment I just feel like I'm hanging on to my sanity untill eldest starts school and I can afford to work.
Does anyone else feel like this as a sahm?

NorthernBird92 Mon 15-Feb-16 20:32:30

Yes yes yes!!!
Absolutely !
My dc is 10 months and I'm around 3 months pregnant with dc2. Hubbys in the army and at the moment is away for a few months. We have just moved to where we are with is 4/5 hours from 'home' and my mum and friends.
I literally have no adult conversation all day and by the end of the day am knackered!!!
I'm bored out of my head and just worn out!!
So your not alone

Mothpop Mon 14-Mar-16 21:56:48

I feel your pain!!!
I am at home with DD1 (3) & DD2 (8 months). I worked full time at a very physical outside job and never thought I would find myself as a SAHM. DH only comes home at the w/e and I have no support from parents or friends. During the week all I do is go around in circles cleaning, washing and attempting to entertain DDs (and feel guilty as I clearly shoudl be doing more to enable their development). I have recently committed to going somewhere with the children every day during the week - the less time spent at home the smaller the mess and the greater the chance I have of coming in contact with a grown up or two. Our local children's centre is great and they offer a creche whilst some of the adult classes are on.

RebeccaRHY1 Tue 26-Apr-16 18:21:48

Wow i just posted pretty much exactly the same comment! Haha
I have two a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Oh works away. Our
Only childcare option is my mam who i feellike i cant constantly ask as my brothers and sisters also have children and need her help. I feel like all i do is care for everyone but myself! I barely eat anymore! I inly see my friends with kids in tow and u will mnow all too wel what that is like. Im bored of all the mummy chat at pkay groups/toddler groups. The new mums who tell u every single thing their newborn has done and all the constant comparisons. Dont get me wrong i kno they are just making convo and enjoying their kids but i need adult convo back! I love my kids but the days are repetative and mentally exhausting! Like u id be paying to go to work thanks to oh earning too much to get any gov help (not that id want it) and my wage being too little to cover child care costs.. Roll on the youngest going to nursery! Tho i fully intend to have 6 months of enjoying them 3 child free hours a day having complete me time before i go back to work! I cant wait to just join a gym or go for a swim or a sunbed or just have a coffee with someone where we can actually just talk uninterupted! God the simple thjngs i miss!

lovewatchingrainfall Tue 26-Apr-16 18:33:30

Oh god yes!! Currently writing this sat on DD3 floor, while she tried to sleep!! We moved house nearly two years ago to a 1st floor flat with no garden for husbands job. So I left my friends and his family for him. But since being here we know no one. Husband works 4 days a week but these are 14hour shifts so don't really see him. DD goes to nursery 2 mornings a week and none of the mums speak to me. I feel so lost alone.
It's hard trying to entertain a toddler knowing we need to keep the noise down due to neighbours downstairs. And what makes it all worse is I have just found out I'm 6weeks pregnant. Miss a garden. Sorry about my rant

PicnicPie Tue 26-Apr-16 18:53:38

Yes been permanently at home with DD3 and DD1.5 for last 2 years. I have to go out at least once a day to break the day up usually children's centre, park, soft play and coffee shop, library, relatives on rotation. The mess, whingeing and fighting over things is a bit more bearable when they've had some fresh air and a chance to see other people. It's the only way to survive and I usually try to plan my week so we have something on every day. Even if it's a walk to shops and back. Also, my eldest started her 15 hours free childcare so it's been so nice to have 121 time with the little one and also just have 1 to worry about.

DP is very helpful but has a stressful job and works long hours. I've recently made the decision to go back to work even if we end up breaking even I've decided that I'll parent much better after I've had some space (feel so bad saying that but it's how I feel). Being with each other all day evey day I just find I take them for granted and don't appreciate the little things they say because I've not had a moments silence all day.

I've recently started exercising in the living room with youtube routines and a yoga mat whilst the girls play. It was the only way to fit in some exercise. And although they get in the way and slow me down sometimes i've found mentally I feel so much better and healthier.

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