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Anyone there? Feeling fed up

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Twerking9to5 Wed 20-Jan-16 15:32:54

Just one of those days. Usually I'm pretty upbeat (well, since being on ADs for PND smile) but today I just want to call in sick and someone else to take over! I have a 2.3yr old DS and 6 mo DD.

Today I feel myself on that hamster wheel. Put washing on, load of wet washing in dryer, fold and put away dry stuff. Laundry bin never empty. DD weaning so trying to cook things to freeze. Will get her eating what we eat ASAP but just starting her out. DS has become horribly bossy and constantly pesters me for snacks. The floor looks dirty 5 mins after hoovering. Every room looks a bit untidy despite me picking stuff up all bloody day.

Just done the online food shop but there is always at least four things I forget. End up at tescos about three times a week as a result.

I need to go to the dry cleaners but just do not have it in me.


BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 20-Jan-16 15:36:21

Aw I hear ya! I only have DS nearly 8 mo but spend all my time putting him down to nap. No idea how is do that with an older one running around! flowers

BeakyAndBun Wed 20-Jan-16 15:47:02

I only have one DC (under 6mo so it's not like he's moving around generating mess) but my house looks a state. I am constantly washing and basically feel like my whole life is just staying at home trying to keep everything running and feed my DS. He cried all the way through me cooking dinner just now but it wasn't safe to pick him up and I couldn't ruin all that food so sang silly songs and told him how sorry I was over and over whilst trying to cook dinner. He is feeding now and after that I will clean the kitchen and deal with more washing. Not trying to outdo you in staying at home crapness; just wanted to show some solidarity! It's a tough gig. I don't care what anyone says, being alone with DC is hard.

Twerking9to5 Wed 20-Jan-16 16:47:11

Thanks for your replies. It is indeed bloody hard work and often so monotonous. I just walked into the village to get dry cleaning and milk. Dry cleaning slipped out of plastic thingy on way home and landed in mud.

I think I need to write off today...

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 20-Jan-16 20:02:57

Oh no poor you!! Hopefully the kids are in bed OK and you can just sit on the sofa for a bit? My first thought upon waking this morning was 'wow, this is how every day starts now!'

Twerking9to5 Wed 20-Jan-16 20:44:00

Thanks bendy! They went to bed at 7 which was a blessing. Now sitting with some wine smile. I should really do some exercise, but wine won!!

NickyEds Thu 21-Jan-16 21:48:23

Hope today was better op.

I have a just turned two year old and a 6 month old and I'm usually quite happy with my lot but today they have pushed me to the sodding limit. Ds (the two year old) Will not do as he's told. Ever. Not one single thing. Everything today has ended in shouty me. Dd is teething and won't sleep. Or settle anywhere but on my body. And dp has been out so I've had to do bedtime on my own. 3 loads of washing washed and dried. Bathroom cleaned. Stuff for tomorrow ready. Ds goes to pre school for 3 hours on a Friday. It's meant to be some time to spend with dd but the last two weeks (since he started) I've just ironed. I'll iron again tomorrow. Bah.

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 21-Jan-16 22:02:00

Wow Nicky how productive! Why on earth are you ironing... Our iron hasn't been out in this house and we've lived here 6 months. And we've been to a wedding in that time grin

Twerking9to5 Thu 21-Jan-16 22:33:52

Nicky I feel your pain!! I am supposed to have a bit of one on one time with DD when DS is at nursery but end up just doing house stuff. I'm trying to limit that though-so today took her to a drop in swimming lesson. Ten mins in, she had a meltdown and we left. To be fair, she's normally quite chilled out so I don't know if it was teeth or tummy or just she decided to go nuts for no reason.

Life is very full on at the mo. wine for us all I think

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