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When kids are away?

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CumbriaMum91 Wed 09-Dec-15 04:49:12

I have a 3yr old DD and I'm almost 30weeks pregnant, I'm a full time SAHM except for the few hours she goes to nursery which I use to clean up (or nap at this point lol!)

But thurs-sat DD visits her dad and we're separated.... And I don't know what to do?

I don't want to clean and I'm really anti-social but maybe gonna force myself to join a club or something. At the minute I watch TV endlessly and I hate it hmm

What do you do with a day or two to yourself?

NickyEds Wed 09-Dec-15 15:05:02

I'd sew, read, have long walks, longer baths, cinema(-definitely the cinema as you'll struggle when the baby comes), cook some lovely food, bake, all kinds of crafty things.....However at 30 weeks pregnant I would have just watched tv and slept!

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