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When are you not a SAHP?

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badRoly Wed 22-Jul-15 16:49:29

So I gave up full time employment when dc1 was born to be a SAHP.

I did a bit of part time supply teaching between dc2 and 3.

I did the admin from home for dh's first company for a couple of years until he found his dream job.

I now study 1 day a week, am a casual adult ed tutor (3 hrs per week term time when there enough numbers for the class to run) and do a bit of bookkeeping from home.

So should I still be describing myself as a SAHP or a student or what? Just curious really ;and promoted by the SAHP thread grin

BuffaloCustardbath Sun 26-Jul-15 17:54:37

Hmm, good question! It's one I've been pondering recently too - we have one child, DH works full time and is out long hours, I have my own business that is mostly run from home but requires me to be out for meetings and things and DD is in childcare 1 day per week - am I still a SAHM?! Do I answer 'yes' when people say 'are you back at work now?' - I have no idea.

mammydub Mon 27-Jul-15 16:12:01

I do some part time work when its available-term time only and have just started to consider some free lance work in another field. When people ask, I have said that I work part time. Not strictly true but I can't be doing with judgement at the moment.

Zippidydoodah Mon 27-Jul-15 16:37:25

I do think that if you're doing any work at all, you are working part time! If you're doing bugger all grin except looking after kids, of course, then you're a sahm! I'm really excited about starting my "career break"- being at home with my three small children. I plan to do a few bits of volunteering etc but will be a sahm for a couple of years!

Babymamamama Mon 27-Jul-15 18:39:49

I work part time - half a week - and would never describe myself as a stay at home mum (even part time). But I think these descriptions are a bit like the form we all have to fill in from time to time about ethnic origin. You should describe yourself as you choose or see yourself rather than how others may categorise you.

howabout Tue 04-Aug-15 13:05:27

Agree withBabymamamama about descriptions.

Interesting that your Op focuses on the freedom to do things other than work for both you and your dp as a SAHP. I have never really thought about my role in terms of being there to provide childcare although as I am here and they fit around me I do it.
If anything I tend to think of myself as being retired from my profession, although I do occasionally work for myself. In comparison anything else I do like volunteering or a bit of music and arts and crafts tuition I class as a hobby. If I were to study formally as opposed to researching independently as I do now I would still think of it as a hobby. Monetizing or seeking formal recognition for some of the things I do turns them into a "job" but doesn't actually change what I am doing.

badRoly Tue 04-Aug-15 13:38:45

I think that's it howabout, obviously it was all about childcare when the DC were little (well meeting my friends at toddler groups etc).

The youngest has been at full time school for 2 years which is when I went back to college.

I am a teacher by profession but retraining in accountancy as I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom created by being a SAHP and want to pursue freelance work rather than structured 9-5 office work.

I do think of myself as a SAHP - it is the easiest 'label' as described by Babymamma but doesn't truly match what I do.

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