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The groundhog day feeling when you have under 3s

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bronya Sat 23-May-15 09:40:21

Washing, tidying, cleaning, hoovering, making multpile meals, washing up, shopping, reading endless books, walking dog and toddler twice a day, changing dirty clothes, more washing, cleaning, tidying.....

Any tips on making it more interesting? I love them to bits but sometimes the endless sameness is a bit much!

TheTravellingLemon Sat 23-May-15 15:22:47

I know the feeling. I am lucky in that I have a friend who is like me in that she gets bored on her own and finds it a struggle. We take it on turns to make dinner for each other's kids. I does lighten the load a bit.

Cherrypi Sat 23-May-15 17:21:28

Definitely know that feeling. This week we've been using music to brighten up the day specifically "shake it off" on repeat off YouTube with lots of dancing.

howabout Sat 23-May-15 17:22:15

I hardly ever tidy away toys unless I want at least an hour's peace while dd3 rearranges back to exactly the mess she started with.grin. Whenever the sun shines I ignore the housework and go outside - good job I live in Scotland! On line shopping is delegated to DH. We have take away nights regularly. I hate laundry!!!!! We do sometimes play basketball with the socks and the laundry basket.

PaulineFossil Sat 23-May-15 20:31:55

Lower your standards on the domestic front. Arrange to meet friends as much as possible. Go on lots of trips, doesn't have to cost anything. My toddler loves an outing to the garden centre, the pet shop, the railway station or a building site. For when you have to do housework, tell a story that involves cleaning and get them to act it out while you actually clean. Cinderella is good. Mine likes having small cloths and dusting. It's hard though and a secret chocolate stash is essential.

Hillijx Sat 23-May-15 20:45:28

Feel your pain, love them lots, wouldn't want anyone else looking after them but my my its relentless and boring at times. no tips sorry! I do like secret chocolate though....."what are you eating mummy?" "Cucumber, do you want some?"!

karmagetsyou Sat 23-May-15 21:01:28

Following with enthusiasm ..... I feel the daily drudgery ..... confused

bronya Sat 23-May-15 21:20:20

Wish I could have chocolate. Baby DD is dairy/soya intolerant and I really don't like dark chocolate!

I think getting out lots might work. Won't get much washing done that way though.

I have to tidy because DD would choke on DS's toys and DH doesn't see below his glasses so falls over them. I must hoover several times a day just to keep the floor clean enough for the baby to roll around on!

Hillijx Sat 23-May-15 21:27:53

bronya dirt builds their immune system....that's one chore cut out!

DixieNormas Sat 23-May-15 21:30:49

I was going to post exactly this the other day

Zippidydoodah Sat 23-May-15 23:49:17

Getting out lots = nobody at home to make the mess!

Also- you definitely Hoover too much!! A few crumbs or whatever will not hurt your baby dd.

TwilightSparkle Sun 24-May-15 00:01:28

I was just thinking today how bloody sick I am of meal planning, buying food, preparing food, cleaning up after food. Constantly.

When they've left home I'm doing a Jerry Seinfeld and either eating out or having cereal.

OctopusArmEnvy Sun 24-May-15 06:44:02

Totally agree on the food front. I seem to have a hold on the laundry and selective blindness when it comes to general housework but oh the relentless food making!!! Esp as DH and I eat dinner later. What's for dinner, what's in the cupboards, is it healthy and I want a snaaaaaack.

confusedandemployed Sun 24-May-15 06:55:16

Get out. Loads! I may do a chore or two when DD (2.3) is napping but that's it. We walk the dogs too, I have a toddler sling from Rose and Rebellion which she loves, as do I because it means the walk doesn't take 3 bloody hours while she stops to examine every blade of grass.
We also:
Go to the library, plus rhyme time at said library occasionally
Go to playgroup twice a week
Go to the pet shop (DD's fave!!)
Soft play (usually with a friend)
Supermarket. Yes really, she likes going in the trolley and we make a game of it.
Now the good weather's here we play outside. Paddling pool had first outing yesterday.
Go out for cake. This is popular, strangely.
Visit grandparents
Go to a garden centre with a small play area
Jump in muddy puddles when raining

Above all though, when she is conscious I do almost no housework. I may shove some pasta on to boil for her but all meals are prepared and frozen. I make more than DH and I eat and freeze the extra in DD sized portions.

Cherrypi Sun 24-May-15 07:20:05

Bronya put a blanket down for the baby to roll on. I also use blankets for playing with lego etc. on so it's easier to pick up.

Catsahoy Sun 24-May-15 07:27:23

YY. 3 meals, 2 snacks, messy every time. And my ds has started making a hooting noise ALL THE TIME - it is less than charming.

Sid77 Sun 24-May-15 07:27:25

I second all of the above and try to remember that it won't last. My oldest starts school in September and I'm going to be really lonely without his company!

howabout Sun 24-May-15 07:48:49

A big towel also works for baby to roll on and is easier to wash.
I am really lucky that DH is home early enough for us all to eat together and this helps with meal planning and closing up the kitchen for the evening. When he was coming in at 7pm I used to leave him something to put in the oven and he cleared up after himself. Meals as a couple are not that important to us but time collapsed in front of TV is grin.
Also my DH is in charge of breakfast and I leave him to it till my cup of tea is made. Trying to give hints and tips but starting to feel really spoiled!
I really could not babyproof when DD3 was small as her sisters were 8 and 10. This has led to my laziness re toy tidying as I realised it was just easier all round to have her in my sight and hopefully contained to an area all the time.

onedogatoddlerandababy Sun 24-May-15 10:37:09

OP I feel your pain. But don't worry about your dd rolling on a crumby floor. My dd2 (17 mths) is constantly found splashing in the dog's water or sitting in the dog's crate (used only as a bed so has no door on it). She's fine grin

All the helpful suggestions about getting out to places are well and good, but depending on your timing, can be next to impossible between dog walking/naps/lunch etc. I just use the dog walking time as a good 90 mins of being outside, looking at stuff, perhaps park if it's not too crowded or hot for the dog to get uncomfortable tied up. I also get dd1 (3.4 yrs) to help tidy toys and they both like to stick stuff in the washing machine/dryer/pass me pegs.

duplodon Tue 26-May-15 18:25:47

I'm finding it tough. I have a day away every week working otherwise I might actually lose my reason (no joke, have had issues in the past). I have three and two are under three. I find there are days my energy is very low, and other days it is fine. If the weather is good, all is well and we head off out and keep busy but when it's not, it just feels really endless and difficult and I lose all sight of why I'm here.

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