Buying in Bovey Tracey help!!

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MiaCatrina Thu 13-Feb-20 20:56:12

Hi, we are thinking on buying a house in Bovey Tracey but we’re very recent to the area, just a couple months living in Devon, so not much info about anything. Is Bovey Tracey a nice place to live and raise a family in terms of transport and schools?? We have been looking, the prices are a bit scary so between Bovey and Ivybridge. Can i pleaseeee have some feedback, much appreciated. 😃😃

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onanotherday Mon 17-Feb-20 22:17:05

Bovey is very rural and that comes with pros and cons. Very beautiful area. However as your children get older there is little to do. Personally I would prefer Ivybridge. Great schools, and access to Plymouth and Exeter. Also closer to get to amazing beaches.

Mizydoscape Mon 09-Mar-20 21:08:12

I live near Bovey and grew up in a town down the road. I wouldn't say Bovey is very rural. I would say it's very expensive! Transport links are rubbish if you don't drive. The nearest train station is around 7 miles away.

It has a few parks for children, good primary but kids would have to bus out for secondary. There is a swimming pool, nice cafes etc but not a huge amount to occupy teenagers.

The town centre and some housing areas are known to flood, so keep that in mind when looking at areas.

What do you want to know/what are you looking for? Happy to try and help answer questions.

NotAnotherNameChangePlease Mon 09-Mar-20 21:10:49

Transport in Bovey itself is awful but trains are good from Newton which is only about 15 minutes away. Buses are ridiculously bad and even most of the pensioners can’t be arsed with them.

It’s a nice enough place, a lot of unemployment since BCT shut. Nice primary school though, good secondary school nearby and kids can do the 11+ for Torquay although a bigger to get to.

NotAnotherNameChangePlease Mon 09-Mar-20 21:11:36

Also if you want to move to Bovey, make sure it’s actually in Bovey and not Heathfield. An entire world of difference.

Floods123 Mon 09-Mar-20 21:17:44

I live in South Brent, in between Ivybridge and Bogey. Love it hear. Easy access to Ivybridge for School. LOADS of community stuff going on! Co_op village shop delicatessen two hairdressers two antique shops chemist florist pub two cafes social club football and cricket clubs for kids. Gym. All this in a small village. Plus doctors surgery. Five mins from moorland and thirty mins from the beach. PM me for more if you want!

Floods123 Mon 09-Mar-20 21:18:48

Also bus good and trains in Ivybridge into Plymouth. Free parking at station


NotAnotherNameChangePlease Mon 09-Mar-20 21:24:33

Agree with floods that South Brent is very lovely. More expensive than Bovey though.

NotAnotherNameChangePlease Mon 09-Mar-20 21:25:08

Also South Brent doesn’t have a Trago 😂

Floods123 Mon 09-Mar-20 21:37:33

If we had a Trago I would move!

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