Living in east claydon

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RoseHeath Sat 18-Jan-20 00:49:58

Hey mums, anyone living in east Claydon? We are relocating to an area near Buckingham Uni and I was wondering if this is a good place for a young family (8 year old). We are completely new to Buckinghamshire! Thanks!

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happy97 Sat 18-Jan-20 08:30:37

There is nothing in East Claydon at all! Maybe a playgroup but it's very small. You would be better looking at one of the Horwoods, or Winslow which is a nice market town.

CheeseCakeSunflowers Sun 19-Jan-20 22:24:21

I only know East Claydon from driving through occasionally. It is very small. I think it has a primary school but not much else. Looks like a nice enough small village but you would definitely need to drive.

RoseHeath Wed 29-Jan-20 11:38:55

Thanks so much!!

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