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Ellsiedodah Fri 22-Nov-19 08:20:38

Hi all, can anyone share anything about Frome for a new life? Moving from South London, could move anywhere in some kind of commuting distance from London (not a regular commute)... We're a family with a baby and hope to have another. What are facilities there for young fams? Schools? Cultural activities? Countryside walks? Would love to hear any experience. Thank you!

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Ginfordinner Fri 22-Nov-19 08:51:57

Interestingly, a family member moved from South London to just outside Trowbridge a few years ago. They aren't far from Frome. They love it. They like the convenience of being reasonably near the mainline railway station in Trowbridge, and can get trains to London from Westbury.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Fri 22-Nov-19 16:43:12

Frome is quite alternative like its near neighbour, Glastonbury. Hippies rather than hipsters. Nice countryside, near to Bath and Wells for culture and decent shopping.

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