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waddesdon123 Tue 05-Nov-19 18:10:01

Hi, anyone here from North Devon, mainly Barnstaple?
We're in the process of moving to the area after I'm taking redundancy from a job in London.

Husband is ilfracombe born and bred and we've always talked about moving this way and now seems the perfect time.

The reality is sinking in! We have two children 6 and 2 and so looking forward to a better life for them but need to think about schools, jobs etc etc.

Are we totally mad to move this way? I'm ready to leave Bedfordshire but worried about what the future may hold with job security.

Anyone done this move or can offer advise what it's like to live here now. We visit regularly so I'm well aware of the towns and the benefits but holidays and living somewhere are two different things!

Grateful for any insights x

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jiskoot Tue 24-Dec-19 23:51:04

This was a while so not sure if you've already made the decision but we moved from the South East to a farm near Umberleigh last Nov. It's only been a year so not sure I can help massively but I can say I don't regret it.

No kids so I can't help you on schools etc but I work in Barnstaple (v easy commute) and my husband was able to find work nearby too, pretty easily to be honest.

Has been a massive culture shock and that's not even with me coming from a city but I'm a country girl at heart and love it. Barnstaple seems to have more/better shops than the town I used to live in and everyone just seems nicer and more chilled! Amazing scenary and walks on our doorstep.

As long as you don't mind the almost constant rain and mud (I think it's been bad everywhere to be fair this year) but it literally rained every day for the first month we were here...but the summer was glorious. Have to drive everywhere but we knew that going into it and you do adjust.

Feel free to pm me if you want 🙂

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