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Hook Norton

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livia87 Tue 07-Nov-17 11:39:26

Hello lovely ladies. My hubby might be offered a job in Hook Norton. We currently live in Watford where we pay £1220 for a 2 bed terraced house. We are looking at reducing our rent to about £800 (max), but we would need a 3 bed this time. What area would you recommend around Hook Norton, 40-45 mins away max, that is safe, family friendly, rural but well connected, close to a city that has a good job market and not completely dead smile) Not asking for much, I know!

tigerdriverII Tue 07-Nov-17 11:51:46

Hook Norton is a pretty big village with lots of new housing. Not far from Banbury, with good transport links. Also near Chipping Norton, much smaller than Banbury, probably fewer job opportunities although all three are less than an hour from Oxford.

hollowtree Tue 07-Nov-17 11:57:37

Ahh Hooky! It's had loads of new development and a new site has passed planning permission for 54 houses (mum's on the parish council!) so if you wanted a minimal commute then apply for one there? Lots are bought by landlords to rent out.

Hooky has 3 pubs, a village shop and post office, primary school, play group, library, butchers (which is amazing) and a lovely church with quite a few events throughout the year which are nice to attend even if you're not a church-goer.

Loads of things going on like a film society, coffee mornings, a sports and social club etc.

Good if you've got kids. Bit boring when you're a teenager though!

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