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Our plan of moving to Machynlleth or Aberystwyth

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Rose705 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:22:17

Hubby is thinking to make a big move to Machynlleth or Aberystwyth, Mid Wales area. We’ve been there twice and love the area, and friendly people too.

Our situation at the moment are:
live in Leigh-on-sea, Essex. We live here for the last 15 years, it’s a nice place for family, great schools, and everything is close by. Our place is too small, a flat with 2 bedrooms but the second is a tiny room.
And everyday is about rushing. I guess it’s a similar problem with other suburban areas near big city (ours is near with London).

Twice we went to Aberystwyth, drove around the area including Machynlleth. Lovely place, people are friendly. Seems they have more time to say greetings to each other even to strangers like us.
Definitely if we move there, we could get a bigger place easier & cheaper than here in Leigh-on-Sea.
Kids love it, they love the surroundings, green & fresh they said.
I’m a bit sceptical to move as I just got a job here. And for the kids, how the school will be for them. Will they be fine or struggling with dual language. For information my kids are 8 and 4 years old, both active and love outside house/outdoor activities.

My husband is a plasterer. If we move there he said that he will try to find works over there or the worst scenario is he’ll be working back in london for few days and drive + rest few days at home.

How is life in Machynlleth?
My big question is should I take a chance/risk and move there?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Thu 26-Oct-17 19:29:22

I would look at Somerset. Similar advantages, less disadvantages (language issues, more work, less isolated).

NoSquirrels Thu 26-Oct-17 20:06:06

Mid-Wales is lovely. Truly. But it will be much much different living there than being a visitor. From Essex, you might find the culture shock huge.

Do you work? Jobs (particularly career jobs) are scarce. Do you like driving? You'll need to do a lot of it.

NoSquirrels Thu 26-Oct-17 20:13:58

As for dual language, most schools in mid Wales aren't Welsh first, so although the requirement is to teach in both languages, it's very variable school to school on how it's implemented. Some are more committed to the Welsh language requirements than others.

Do you mind me asking, are you British-born? Your post reads a little as if you might not be in some of the phrasing. If you're used to a diverse area with lots of different cultures etc mid Wales may be a struggle but again that depends on where you live. Aber is a university town, for example, so a bit more diverse than some other places.

In common with many rural places, there can be an "incomer" attitude to overcome.

It's not a quick commute so your DH might find the driving a lot after a while. Equally you might feel a bit isolated if he works away a lot.

Mid Wales has so many plus points & I'm sounding negative, but I think it's one of those places you need a really strong heart connection to & I don't get that from your post.

AdaColeman Thu 26-Oct-17 20:27:47

I would advise you to visit more, especially in winter, before you decide. Maybe even rent for a short while to get more of a feel for the area.

Of the two places, I think Aber would have more to offer in facilities and possible work. The local communities are quite tightly knit,so finding enough work as a plasterer might be a problem.
Perhaps think about a slight change in direction, maintenance team at the University, or Holiday Park perhaps?

Lapdog22 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:29:21

Don't rush into it. It is a huge decision and being somewhere on holidays is vastly different than living there. I moved to the country from London 20 years ago and I got the shock of my life. Believe me culture shock is very real.

I moved to a farm house near a town. You had to go down a lane to get to the house and I never saw anyone. I badly missed seeing people and cars out and about.

Most of the people in the town were - how do I say this - quite small minded. Everyone was white, christian and conservative in their outlook.

I lasted a year and then moved to a nearby town. I would never go back. I am so glad that I didn't buy a house there.

I recommend that you write a list of the things in your life that make you happy and make life convenient. Apart from the obvious things like work and home think about the time you will spend driving because there probably is no transport system. Do you like cafes, restaurants and bars, cinema, shopping, spending time with friends? Would your children be able to have a social life?

Spend a week there and don't just live like you are on holidays.

Rose705 Thu 26-Oct-17 21:39:08

Thank you @Lowdoorinthewal1, actually we thought about Somerset and might look around there too.

To @Nosquirells, yes I’m from Asia, and where we live now is quite diverse. And like @AdaColeman said wherever it is, we probably will start with spending summer holiday and live like locals, then move on to rent a place.
And @Lapdog22, it’s so nice to have someone like you, who already experienced ‘the big move’, replying my post.

Thank you for all of you. From this post probably you can feel how nervous, scared, and doubtful I am about this whole moving thing. This is my first time posting at mumsnet and I’m glad that I finally asked & got instant replies from all of you x

specialsubject Thu 26-Oct-17 21:42:38

Both places have stations but buses will be limited. Aberystwyth has a threatened hospital. Otherwise it is Shrewsbury or Wrexham.

You need to rent there for a few months.

You can get what you want without going to quite these extremes.

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