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Cambridgeshire or Bromley?

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Busymummy50 Tue 03-Oct-17 14:26:54

Having grown up in the North East side of London with local secondaries getting better but still not brilliant, we would like to move and make a new start.

Hayes in Bromley looks lovely, small and quiet but not far from shopping etc. Secondary school outstanding. House wise it's quite exoensive and for our budget, will end up downsizing slightly compared to our current property.

Looking at cambourne in Cambridgeshire or near comberton. Much more house with our budget, more space, outstanding school, and I would be able to be off work and maybe get a dog too!

From where we are now, it's 50 minutes to Hayes or an hour to cambourne so not too far from friends and family.

Cannot decide which place to go for! Eldest is 10, also concerned if he will fit in and find friends. Both areas are so different and not sure which would suit us best!

Help please!

EmmaGrundyForPM Fri 27-Oct-17 15:58:15

I don't know anything about Hayrs but I live in the next village to Cambourne and can confirm that Cambourne is fab. Loads of activities for kids and teens plus a regular bus service into Cambridge where there are shops, museums, events. The schools are great. My dc went to Comberton Village College which is rated Outstanding. Cambourne Village College is run by the same Trust as Comberton and I hear very good things about it.

I have several friends in Cambourne who love living there.

You get a lot of house for your money in Cambourne as it's a new village. But it's got lots of green space including a huge Eco park so it doesn't feel too urban.

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