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Moving out of London?

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ndo4000 Sun 28-May-17 08:50:59

We have just found out that we are expecting dc3. Currently have a dc in yr5 and another in yr2. We are thinking about moving to Wiltshire. DH works in town and I reckon the commute (door2door) will be 2 hrs each way. Am worried as he often has impromptu client entertaining to do....

I love the idea of moving, and DH is really up for it, but I am scared that if we do it, the realities of the commute might be awful.....

Also concerned - what happens if there is no space in the local school!! I don't want to be driving half way across Wiltshire to get the kids to school!


Mermaidinthesea123 Sun 28-May-17 08:55:46

Do you have to move right now. My ex husband commuted at least 2 hours each way and to be honest our relationship really deteriorated and he was shattered all the time.
Can't you move somewhere rural on a better commute? Kent, Northamptonshire, i live out in the sticks and it's really hard work.
I love it but London is very convenient and loads to do.
Getting up in winter to commute when it's dark and cold morning and night is incredibly hard work.

ndo4000 Sun 28-May-17 10:12:28

@Mermaidinthesea123 yes, I'm worried about this (especially with another baby on the way!). Am also worried about his career progression. If he can't stay for any of the events, his boss might question his commitment.....

Funnily enough, DH has just come back from a run, saying how lovely it is where we live and maybe we are being silly to try this right now......

Urgh. Just wish I could predict the future sometimes!!!

pheebo Sun 28-May-17 18:07:37

I bitterly regret leaving the city of Manchester for rural Yorkshire. Seriously it's so boring.
I thought it would be great for the kids but the teenagers especially round here do not like 'outsiders'
I didn't live in the city centre either. Just in a typical industrial estate type town. It's shit

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