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Moving to Rowledge but no place securred at local primary - eek

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billex22b Fri 07-Apr-17 11:39:38

Dear Mums in Rowledge area and surrounds, I have posted this in primary schools as well, but goes

We've finally found a house to buy and it's in Rowledge. And it's April. So school places have been handed out and accepted. My daughter is currently in reception so would need a year 1 place from Sep 17. I am kicking myself as to whether I could have started this process sooner ie spoken to heads, gone to various schools etc, but we've been operating a fairly large village search across south Farnham and into Hampshire and did not until now have a home and a potential postal address to apply with

SO. I emailed admissions at Rowledge primary and said I intended to apply for an inyear place, but could I get an idea of my chances. The response though friendly and helpful was not positive and fairly blanket - there is a waiting list for reception and no children are leaving as they know of - so one in and one out essentially. I have lost slight perspective on this as I DREAMED of walking my kids to school in the village where we lived, and I know this is a good school. Yeah classic soon to be ex Londoner looking for the rural idyll I know..

I am looking for nuggets of positivity from other local mums who may have been in this situation. Is it the end of the world if she goes to another village school? Will it hamper our ability to make mum and school friends and get stuck into school community? And is there any point my pursuing this with the school, even if she gets a place later in the school year and has to go somewhere else in between?

Some advice, (and perspective) from mums in the know or in the local area would be much appreciated!

Molly333 Mon 15-May-17 06:22:28

If I helps I used to work there and the head is amazing v approachable do i would book a chat with her , she's v positive and I know will help . By pass admin !!!!

Percytheparkkeeper Mon 15-May-17 06:34:26

There's not much even a lovely head can do if the school is full!

Molly333 Mon 15-May-17 21:10:39

Thank you for the previous comment however it does no harm to introduce yrself to the head as they may be aware of children moving on or will bare in mind future places or unexpected places that arise. Thankyou

billex22b Mon 15-May-17 22:55:42

Ok that's my plan. Charm offensive and I'll def still put the school on the shortlist you never know!!?? thanks all

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