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Anyone live in Matlock or Bakewell with children (Derbyshire Peaks)?

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Mrsmoo28 Mon 06-Feb-17 20:28:34

We're seriously thinking of moving under an hour away from where we are now into the peaks to either Bakewell or Matlock (started viewing properties etc). It's either that or chicken out and stay where we are in OK but bland suburbia. We/ I have been considering this for sometime and these are places we are very familiar with from day trips. Our 2 DC's are in school but only just (reception and YR 1), we need another bedroom anyway so moving is on the cards anyway (moving schools would need to be 'worth it'). Such a move would be with the intention of moving for change in lifestyle, a house with a view / garden / outdoor space, more outdoor pursuits and a general 'nicer area' and good secondary schools. Jobs wouldn't be really effected - DH works at home or remotely and my job would be fairly
I've looked at demographic data etc which suggests amongst other stuff that there is a igh proportion of older people and it just got me thinking what it's really like to live in such places as a young family and what are the pro's and cons as obviously, as a previous day tripper, I am mindful of seeing it all through rose tinted glasses. Any advice, tips, points to mull over would be greatly appreciated.

Wootle123 Tue 07-Feb-17 17:00:18

I don't live there now but did grow up nearby to Bakewell and now live reasonably near / visit regularly with my own kids.

Bakewell (is in my opinion) nicer and safer than Matlock, also better schools (although this may have since changed). It was a delightful place to grow up, plenty to do (a lot outdoors admittedly) but we lived in a village (large ish) with good bus service into Bakewell / Sheffield which I used as a teenager. Lots of drama clubs, dance clubs, arts clubs etc for kids (and adults too). The demographic is 'older' but it really depends on where you are moving from?? We relocated from a big city a couple of years ago to live rurally and have found the change hard but we have possibly chosen too rural. Bakewell (or Matlock) is a good choice because there's a lot going on in Sheffield and also a good arts scene (if that's your thing) slightly further afield in Wirksworth and a good theatre in Buxton. You will need to drive a lot but traffic isn't bad and the scenery is lovely! Brilliant days out close by (Chatsworth, Peak distrrict walking etc) plus you're an hour from Manchester for shopping, Chesterfield is (i think) the closest cinema. I would probably live there myself but we have to be elsewhere for work! I have no idea on property prices though...also some areas of Bakewell / Matlock are better than others so it really depends where you can afford and also what school catchments you want to be in. Good luck.

Wootle123 Tue 07-Feb-17 17:02:51

One thing I should add is that it is does have that 'small town' thing going on, lots of people are older and there's a big farming community (not a bad thing but maybe not your thing!) but I think like anywhere you find people like yourself and I do think there are lots of things to get involved in. My parents are really sociable and moved there in their 30s to escape city life. They have loved it and have a great group of friends who they met when they had young kids so I guess as long as you have kids you will meet people through school etc.

georgedawes Tue 07-Feb-17 17:05:05

I prefer Bakewell too, but have to disagree about the traffic -it's a nightmare on sunny weekends and bank holidays! I'd live in the surrounding villages but think living in the town itself would wind me up too much, the traffic is annoying. It is a touristy town so you have weigh all that comes with that up. It's a lovely area but personally a little old for me, Buxton is nice and a younger demographic if that appeals? Having said all of that it is a beautiful part of the world with lots to do on your doorstep.

Mrsmoo28 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:33:35

Thanks for your thoughts. In your opinion I wonder whether the everyone knowing everyone's business could be an issue or are Matlock and Bakewell big enough for it not to be like that? (We are both quite private - not on Facebook- however we are open and friendly/generally able to make friends!!) I wonder if I particularly would struggle with that aspect. We're also both from suburban backgrounds so I'm not sure if that would make us fit in or not with the 'small town' thing!? 🤔. Buxton a s nice but we have family in Notts and moving there would make short day trips trickier as it's that bit further away.

georgedawes Thu 09-Feb-17 20:25:11

I think they're probably big enough but I know what you mean, I live somewhere smaller and it is that kind of place. But we're incomers so not really part of it! I'm not pushing Buxton but I wouldn't have thought you'd be quicker to Notts from Bakewell or Matlock (or at least not much quicker). Honestly the traffic in those towns is terrible. Gridlock at times. If you live in a less touristy place it is x100 better. Buxton is on a515 so only 30 mins to Ashbourne.

Wootle123 Fri 10-Feb-17 10:18:28

I would say both are big enough to avoid 'everyone knowing your business' type thing! I also live somewhere like that now (a bit) and avoid it. A lot of people have lived here their whole life though so as newbies we tend to steer clear of it all as georgedawes says.

Good points raised re traffic. I have to say we don't tend to travel to Bakewell or Matlock on a bank holiday (does tend to be bad then) and around any special events at Chatsworth etc. But there are back routes to places which you would get to know if you lived there! We go over most weekends that way and there's rarely bad traffic but we are not passing through the centre of town just on the outskirts.

Other 'large' villages / small towns you could consider alongside Buxton are Baslow, Ashbourne (also bad traffic though!) and Wirksworth. The latter two would be an easier drive to Nottingham if that is of great importance.

Mrsmoo28 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:29:03

Thank you. That's food for thought. I guess visiting and living somewhere are two different things. Thanks again.

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