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Talk to me about Tring!

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curlywurlymum Wed 12-Oct-16 19:52:18

(Before you get funny about me posting this under 'rural living', I do know Tring is a Town.)

I posted before, we're thinking about moving to Tring from North London. It's close enough to my husband's work for his daily commute and we feel like we would get the most for our money here. I looked at Berkhamsted again and again, I just don't like the houses and having already lived there for some years I know I'm not going to find the ideal home in that place.
Tring - Would we have issues fitting in because we are from Eastern Europe? Would my kids get bullied in school for having a different background? (My husband and I have different nationalities and we actually speak English at home, same as our DC). I had a comment from someone previously and she said that my nationality is going to be an issue. But I fell in love with a house in Tring and I can't let go.
When I'm asking if I would fit in, I'm not asking if other mums would invite me over for a cuppa. I know that's never going to happen and I couldn't care less. But I don't want anyone to make my kids feel embarrassed of their background or have a hard time at school, because that would break my heart.

FrickOnAStick Thu 13-Oct-16 09:11:41

I don't know Tring, I'm afraid but is the house really worth living in a place where you feel socially isolated and unwelcome?

Gazelda Thu 13-Oct-16 09:16:44

I don't live in Tring, but close by. I'd be really surprised if Tring was as anti social as the comment you heard implies. That whole area of Hertfordshire is ripe commuter belt, and therefore has a large mix of backgrounds.
Why don't you post on the MN local page for a better feel? Or join one of the local FB groups?

curlywurlymum Thu 13-Oct-16 10:12:05

We went there for meals and to walk around every single weekend for the past 6 weeks. We wanted to get a feel of the place. I must say I've never been to a least diverse place anywhere in England smile. Oh, and we also went to an Italian restaurant hoping for a spot of international feel and I think the chef was only pretending to be Italian. He spoke with a VERY heavy accent, but mispronouncing the names of the dishes. I have about 18 years worth of summers in Tuscany where my sister lives, so I don't think I was imagining it. So if the only Italian in Tring was faking it, then...

I did read plenty of negative comments about the lack of diversity (one of them mentioned Hitler!) so yeah, I do worry. The house we fell in love with is absolutely stunning! And if I never had to leave the house or didn't have kids I'd probably go ahead with the purchase.

We're looking at tring too, moving from West London because strangely the commute would be better. We really wanted to be in berkamsted but just can't find a house that we like tfat's affordable. There seem to be more big houses in Tring.
There are a few things bothering me. One is the walk to the station, but there's not much I can do about hat. Another is that it seems, well, just a bit boring. I can't pretend that where we live at the moment is hugely exciting but still...
Lastly, the house we've offered on is great, but I don't LOVE it, and I can't help wondering if it's a mistake. It's a very grow up sensible house. I'm sure I'll grow to love it...
Just blabbering on really, I suppose I'm just looking for some advice/reassurance really!!

curlywurlymum Sat 22-Oct-16 17:48:04

Hm... I don't know what to tell you about the house. I personally wouldn't make a move if I didn't find the house absolutely exciting. But again, it's because I spend an awful lot of time at home. I'm a SAHM who's planning to never work again (so help me God!). grin
We are not moving to Tring in the end. We made an offer on the house but the owners didn't like the fact that we have to sell a property in order to raise the cash. They want a chain-free buyer and that's not who we are at the moment. And I'm not sure if there are that many chain free buyers going for a 7 figure property, so good luck to them.
We are now looking at Windsor. It's a really nice place and the schools are pretty incredible. We are going to view a property there very soon and you won't believe what you can get for your money! We won't even have to sell the property anymore, we can buy it with our savings.

Think very carefully before making a move! It's for years and years.

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