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Relocation to Surrey - west horsley?

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Choccywoccy2000 Sun 02-Oct-16 10:08:10

Hi everyone! Hoping for some advice on Surrey living! We currently live in Wimbledon and are looking to move further out for more space and good schools (we have a 3.5 year old little girl and a 6 month old baby boy).
We visited a house in West Horsley yesterday which had a great school situation and we were amazed by how much we can get for our money there. My only worry is living in a village after being so used to the convenience of Wimbledon! I grew up in a village myself so not completely unaccustomed to rural life but I have been in London for the past 15 years so would be a big change. I guess I am wondering:

- has anyone made a similar move and loved it / regretted it?!
- is it easy to make friends in the area - think this would be a massive factor for me on whether I'd be happy there
- is there much to do with little kids? (Appreciate that I'd have to drive)

Thanks smile

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