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Moving from Scotland to England

(4 Posts)
lovemycatmorethanmyhusband Mon 15-Aug-16 21:30:56

Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong part of the forum. Just wondering if anyone has moved from Scotland to England and how they have found it? We currently live in Scotland. I was born here but my husband is English and only moved up here when he was nine.

He is really depressed at the moment and desperately wants to move back to England. The current political climate here is making him feel like an outsider and unsafe. It was only today that he admitted he's actually considered suicide so he wouldn't have to make me move away. I would miss living here terribly but want him to be happy. We don't have any children yet but it's on the cards and we will hopefully start trying soon.

I'm trying to think about whether we could be happy in England as a family. We are considering Carlisle, mainly because of the convenience of being able to visit family and friends. We spent this weekend there and both really liked it. We can both do our jobs remotely so that wouldn't be an issue.

I'm really just wondering if anyone else has made a similar move and whether it worked out. Many thanks x

MissMargie Mon 15-Aug-16 21:36:58

Carlisle is a nice town - near the motorway, good train connections, near the Lakes. Nice size, not too big and busy, but big enough to have good shops. House prices low.
Sounds a good idea.

Ditsy4 Thu 06-Oct-16 19:22:36

Penrith is nicer.

Ditsy4 Thu 06-Oct-16 19:24:43

Penrith is nicer

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