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Where could we live?

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TQBD Tue 21-Jun-16 19:55:51

Or, am I seeking the impossible! Quite prepared to be told I'm a dreamer.

We currently live on the Manchester/Cheshire borders close to the M6. Ideally, we'd like a property with a small acreage (5max) and a small stable set up.
We'd be prepared to do some work to both house and yard.

Jobs are Manchester city centre and Liverpool city centre so we would need to be commutable to both.

Budget is around £250-300k. Ideally closer to £250k.

Is there anywhere in the area that it would be achievable - without a hell of a commute?

honeyroar Fri 01-Jul-16 18:31:24

I think you'd be amazingly lucky. You're looking at at least £500k in most areas I can think of (I'm NE Manchester). Have you looked on Rightmove etc? Something old at auction that needs a lot of doing up may get you something. Otherwise a move to Wales or Lincolnshire is the best way to meet that budget?!

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