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Relocating from London to Midlands (Warwick area) ... Eek!

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themoonsaballoon Thu 09-Jun-16 09:21:50

Hi - we're thinking of relocating from London to the Warwick area to be nearer family and hopefully access some better schools for our son (Yr 1). Do any of you lovely people have any advice or have made a similar move out of London? Particularly interested in schools and friendly areas that aren't too 'rural' ... Not sure what I'll miss about London, but DH will still be commuting in at least 3 days a week.

justanothergrumble Thu 09-Jun-16 09:40:29

If you're looking for areas that aren't to rural then j think you have posted in the wrong topic, you have posted in rural living, everything outside of London isn't rural.

pistachioicecream Thu 09-Jun-16 09:53:19


I live in Stratford-upon-Avon and work in Leamington Spa so might be able to help.

Warwick itself is lovely with a good community and lots going on. Are you looking for a town or a village?

I have to travel to London regularly for work - Chiltern line service is not too bad most of the time and with the fast train you can be at Marylebone in about 1 hour 15 - 1 hour 30 usually. Obviously there are sometimes delays/problems but plenty of people do it daily from Warwick Parkway/Leamington. So you could always get back easily for the day if you needed a London fix ;-)

Lots of lovely villages around this area if that's what you're after - plenty with good communities and lots going on. Schools are generally all good. Grammar school system still operates here which will be a good or a bad thing for you depending on your view.

We love living in Stratford personally - lots going on, the theatre, restaurants. We can walk into town from where we live and with teenagers that's perfect - we didn't want to spend our spare time being a taxi. Traffic can be a challenge but depends where you live and to be honest most towns have issues with traffic don't they? Just part of modern life!

I have work colleagues living in Warwick, Leamington and some of the surrounding villages. It's a beautiful part of the country - close to the Cotswolds and fab countryside but also really accessible with good motorway/train links. Sure you'll love it!

themoonsaballoon Thu 09-Jun-16 10:33:37

sorry justanothergrumble, I'm not at all suggesting everywhere outside London is rural (I grew up in inner city Leicester so v aware of that!), I just couldn't work out where else to post! When I say not too rural I mean I don't particularly want to live in a house that's reliant on a car to reach schools/any shop.
Pistachioicecream, that's brilliant, thanks. Really good to know it's not too bad on the train too, we had nightmarish visions...
DH wants private school but I'm a bit anti. Warwick Boys is (obv) single sex and I'd only really want co-ed if I did get my arm twisted - any ideas for my defence (would prefer state school)??

pistachioicecream Thu 09-Jun-16 12:47:04

There are some really good state schools up here - although obviously I know more about Stratford based schools than Warwick.

Are you talking about Primary or Secondary? Might be able to make some suggestions if that would help.

Alternatively this link takes you to a page where you can search for info about all state schools locally.

If you don't want to be reliant on a car you're probably looking at one of the towns really so Leamington, Warwick, Stratford, Kenilworth.

Some of the villages will have shops, a primary school and some sports clubs but really you have to travel a bit for other activities.

Will PM you later with some more info about schools my children are at if that would be helpful.

themoonsaballoon Thu 09-Jun-16 15:39:46

Thank you SO much. It's actually that link that overwhelmed me a bit, so many schools! He'd be in Yr 2/3 when we moved so Juniors. Prob Leamington/Warwick more because of family (elderly parents). A single shop (and a pub?!!) is good, just don't want to have to get in my car for a pint of milk. Happy to drive around for after school stuff, you're right, there's traffic everywhere so I'm used to that!!
I really appreciate your help, thanks. Did you move from London to Stratford? If so do you miss anything? I love where I live now but I can't keep schlepping up the m1 and m40 twice a week within school hours, I'm run ragged between child and parents. And DH has wanted to return to Warwickshire for YEARS. X

Hotlips1 Fri 23-Sep-16 18:07:19

Hi, am also planning to relocate to Warwickshire next year and curious about schools. I have a daughter currently in year1 and a son who will start reception in September 2017. DH will be working out of Birmingham airport and I want to be close to m40 for access to family and work, thinking about Warwick, Kenilworth or large villages East of Stratford eg Wellesbourne. Would love to hear people's views on primaries and secondaries and also general info on these areas - atmosphere, stuff going on for kids etc. Thanks!

Mamia15 Sat 24-Sep-16 09:02:32

Re travel to London - given how regular and frequent this will be, my advice is to look into fast rail routes first and then nearby villages you could live in e.g Virgin West Coast from Rugby to Euston is 50 minutes and you could consider villages between Rugby and the area your parents live in.

Leamington is 20 mins drive from Rugby and is a nice small town with decent independent schools e.g Kings High, Warwick, Princethorpe, Rugby and state grammar schools (Stratford Girls, King Edward, Lawrence Sheriff & Rugby High).

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