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Best places to live in Sussex?

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PlacesToSee Sun 05-Jun-16 11:53:37

So, we've spent some time there and really like Sussex - it has plenty of rural charm but is close enough to London to commute and have plenty of London visitors. Areas of both West and East Sussex appeal to us, but until now we've only been visitors.

But Sussex is BIG! How do we narrow down our search for this big move out of London?

I'd really like views on the best places to live in Sussex. We'd like the edge of a town or a village rather than a somewhere more urban - more rural also ok. We won't need to commute everyday (at the moment we can both work from home a bit and I work part time), but it would be preferable if the commute was not too much more than an hour (90 mins max?). Choice of schools is important, and if it is in the catchment area of a lovely state primary school, then that would be fab. We are likely to choose independent for secondary, so catchment area is less important - commuting distance might be. Variety of family activities in the area would also be good.

Also - where should we avoid? confused

All information gratefully received!

PlacesToSee Mon 06-Jun-16 00:31:35

Any ideas?! confused

flymo79 Sun 19-Jun-16 20:12:06

Hello! Sorry to be late to the party, this is my favourite topic of conversation so very happy to have found it. We live in Buxted, it's between 3 big towns, has two pubs with great food, a train station on the London line and countryside directly on your doorstep. 30 mins to Brighton, 15 to lewes. Houses still affordable. Delighted to live here and wouldn't change it for the world

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