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How did you meet new friends after move?

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Notdotty Sat 04-Jun-16 11:02:31

Posting this here too as might be more applicable than SAHP...

We live in a village which we moved to a couple of years ago. I find the people who live in the actual village quite cliquey and hard to ever really get to know. Also, their main source of entertainment seems to centre around the pub (where the owner is a utter prat and obviously doesn't think I'm cool enough to even be in his shitty little pub).

I'm going a bit mad having hardly any decent friends (I mean, I know people but don't really count them as proper friends if you know what I mean). I'm in my early thirties - I need to meet some more similarly aged people! I have two primary school aged children and I feel like a teenage mother at school! I actually don't care much about age - it's just people here seem very set in their ways and just not me. I'm a polite, kind and outgoing person - but not someone who enjoys shouting in a pub.

Any suggestions for things I could do to meet new people? No meet up groups where I live (unless I want to become a lesbian). Would love to hear how other people who have moved to a new area made friends - not at school!


cheminotte Mon 20-Jun-16 10:43:02

We are moving to a village soon and DP is already asking how I'm going to meet other mums so the kids can make friends (not moving schools - yet). My village has a village hall with Pilate's / yoga once a week so I'm going to start going to that. Other than that I'm not sure to be honest.

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