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Possible move to Dundee area - help!

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joeschmoesmum Wed 01-Jun-16 10:09:49

Currently living in Europe, in a semi-rural area close to a big city. I have been offered a job in Dundee, which is the next step for me professionally: prospects here are dire.

With two DCs, age 2 and 3, it makes more sense for DH to stay at home, which is OK as he has a book contract and will be busy writing (though not earning a huge deal). In the long run he will probably look for work too, f we end up staying.

We are both keen on rural - a have slightly naive images of a rural cottage close to countryside, but also worried as we will be renting and we will have a rather small budget (less than 1000 per month). However, we live simply and don't need anything too fancy.

Are there rural areas, on a 10 mile radius to Dundee, that you would advise to better leave alone? Keen on a couple of properties on the Fife side - any advice on there? Strathkinnes?

Thank you

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