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Relocation - Cambridgeshire

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Yorkie77t Wed 20-Apr-16 19:01:42

Hi everyone,

I appreciate that this may be a bit premature, but my OH is due to leave the forces in two years & we are looking into relocating from Portsmouth to Cambridgeshire. We are both originally from South Yorkshire but looking at house prices & job prospects this is potentially an area where we would flourish as a family. I've done some research and have narrowed it down to four places which we could afford & would just like to get some opinions on them all if possible please. We both want to get out of City living so it's more relaxed but also don't want to be in the middle of nowhere as we still like to have a balanced social life as a couple as well as places to go with our pre-teen daughter. Our shortlist so far is Sawtry, Brampton, St Neots or Buckden. Any info plus the pros or cons of each would be greatly appreciated, thanks! smile

choppolata Sun 15-May-16 12:34:15

Hi, I've recently moved to that area. All good so far but please make sure you check the plans for the A14 roadworks which may impact some of the areas you're looking at.

Achingallover Mon 16-May-16 01:11:15

Brampton and buckden are the nicest. St Neots is overcrowded with some less savoury areas and there's nothing in sawtry except two schools and a big housing estate.

OutToGetYou Mon 16-May-16 01:18:39

St Neots isn't that nice (and I thinks it's Beds anyway).

Rest are fine. We live North Cambs, just south of Stamford, but I used to live South Cambs so I know the area reasonably well.

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