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Cornwall St Blazey??? To move or not to move???!! Pros and cons?!

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Starfishing007 Fri 11-Mar-16 21:58:51

So Iv been offered a place in St Blazey, can anyone give pros and cons of the area?
I don't drive, so will have to rely on buses and Par train station to get to and from other various towns etc.
I currently live in a very rural isolated area and DO NOT want anything similar to where we live, I want freedom and to be able to get out and about with my toddlers.
Are there things In or around St Blazey we can do?
I don't mind doing various day trips to other towns via trains etc as roughly seem to cost £3-10 so not too much (similar to some busses near where I am)
What are primary schools like?
Wheres good to do shopping, for food, general house items and I guess children's shops etc
Is work good down in Cornwall? As I'd like to find a small little job to get me started then will progress to my actual career.
Like I mentioned above, we live in a terribly isolated area and do nothing daily, every day is a struggle and life here can feel very depressing due to the lack of things we can't do due to no transportationsad we don't have anything for miles, 1half hour to local shops etc
Am I moving from one isolated area to another? I couldn't cope with that, as this move is big for us as we live 7 hour drive away from Cornwall, so don't want to make wrong choices.
Any help / advise would be much appreciated.

stubbornstains Fri 11-Mar-16 22:12:27

Blimey, did they offer you a place in Cornwall when you live 7 hours away? I would be interested in how that works (genuine, not snipy).

OK, St. Blazey is not the jewel in Cornwall's crown. It is an area east of St. Austell with lots and lots of council estates (well, HA now), so known for being run down and deprived. I don't think St. Blazey itself has that many shops- some, but not loads.

However, it's not far from St. Austell (which has its own problems, but all the big supermarkets and some high street shops), and the transport links to there are pretty good, I think. In fact, here's the bus timetable: good links to St Austell and Par, which have stations, and the bus even goes from Fowey to Mevagissey if you want a bit of pretty (and they are very pretty!) smile.

There aren't a lot of jobs in Cornwall. That said, if you're not fussy, I'm sure you'll manage to pick something up, but wages can be shockingly low compared to other parts of Britain.

I guess it depends where you're coming from, and how it compares? Cornwall, in general,--even St Blazey-- can be gentler and more laid back than the rest of the country.

Is there any way you can visit first?

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