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Moving to ipswich - from London

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ndidi Sat 13-Feb-16 20:24:53

Hi all,
We are a Ghanaian/Nigerian family of 4, with 2 little ones, 5 and 2 and we are thinking about buying and settling in ipswich. Was wondering if some of you can issue some up to date advise on the ideal areas to live. Is the North West of ipswich ok? IP1? I noticed that house prices are significantly cheaper that end and want to know why. Also advise on schools and multicultural activities would be helpful. What are the people like? Honestly speaking, are we likely to be subject to racism?
Thanking you all in advance for your advice smile flowers

QueenofLouisiana Sat 05-Mar-16 00:37:19

Ipswich is becoming more multicultural, but less so than more urban places. Transport links are weak in Suffolk generally so people tend not yo move out here! I believe St Matthews has a good reputation for being a particularly multicultural school.

I live about 35 minutes from Ipswich so can't help with the specifics of houses in the town itself. There always seems to be events happening- I had an email about celebrating Holi in Ipswich today.

Madrads Wed 13-Apr-16 01:00:56

Have you moved yet? House prices are cheap but are rising fast. Ipswuch is multicultural but some areas of ip1 are rough. I moved from London and I am west African. I find it greet. Do it! Pm me for more infor

123rd Wed 13-Apr-16 01:18:44

I'm in Ipswich. There are lots of different cultures in the town which I think is great
Ip1 covers quite a range of housing. Most places near Christchurch park are nice. Ip4 is nicest. Best schools etc. trains are ok into London. V frequent. And lots of lovely places very close by.
Pm if you need any specifics

Singingstarfish Sat 17-Sep-16 06:42:15

Parts of IP1 are very nice, have a look at the Dales area which, if you are looking on a map, is to the right hand side of Norwich Road? There are two good parks and a library, shops in all directions - grocers, bakers, Co-op, Aldi & Tesco and regulars buses into town. Springfield junior IP1 postcode has a fantastic reputation and is very multi cultural.
Good luck !

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