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Saddleworth area move advice needed

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Crispsaregood Tue 02-Feb-16 21:47:13

We (me, H and 2dc) are contemplating a move to the Saddleworth area (Lancs) and I'm after any advice / info about living in the area.

I have lived just outside London all my life so I'd be very interested in hearing anything from people who have made a similar move with a youngish (kids 5 and 9) family.

We are possibly looking at Uppermill or Greenfield and I'm wondering if anyone lives nearby and has any advice to share.

Thanks in advance.

animaniac Tue 02-Feb-16 21:50:39

Hi, I live in Saddleworth (technically Greater Manchester, historically Yorks....never Lancs....).
What kind of advice are you after? Decent schools in the area. I'd prefer Greenfield rather than Uppermill (Uppermill is expensive for what it is, in my opinion).

Crispsaregood Tue 02-Feb-16 22:01:22

Many thanks for your reply. My mistake re the location!

I guess I'm wondering if it's a good place for a family to up sticks and move to...thinking about the kids I suppose. The schools seem great. I'm looking to find somewhere there is a bit to do - shops, cafes, bits for kids & teens as they get older.

I think we thought of Uppermill because it seemed the biggest place with possibly the most going on. Maybe that's wrong (we need to do more research for sure).

Did you grow up in Saddleworth? If so how did you find it as a teenager?

TannhauserGate Tue 02-Feb-16 22:44:01

How old are your DC? I don't think Saddleworth School gets all that good results, considering its intake, tbh.

There's a sailing club at Dovestones, but it isn't really an area that's got a lot for teenagers, or wasn't at least.

animaniac Wed 03-Feb-16 06:29:38

Uppermill is the busiest, which is why I wouldn't live anywhere near the village centre. Parking tough, so crowded in the user months. I live in the 'first' Saddleworth village and it's still only 2 miles from Uppermill - 10mins on the bus.
I didn't grow up round here, I've lived here for 4 years and have a 3yr old. I don't think there is a huge amount for teenagers, but one of the best things about Saddleworth for me is that it's easy to get everywhere - Manchester, Ashton, Huddersfield. Oldham town centre is currently dreadful but we have cautiously high hopes for it as there's lots of investment going in - some new 'cool' restaurants have already opened and they are going to be building a cinema/eating complex.
Re schools, I think the primaries are all good. I would agree re Saddleworth School - it's decent, not amazing. I think there's a lack of choice for secondary schools - there's Saddleworth, Blue Coat (but that's a faith school and you've no chance if you don't qualify) , also Mossley Hollins - I have heard good things about that one but the catchment area is more Mossley (we are considering a move to somewhere on the Saddleworth/Mossley border to apply for both Saddleworth School and Mossley Hollins).
Have you spent any time up here at all?

Crispsaregood Wed 03-Feb-16 20:44:37

That's a point to consider (parking etc) in Uppermill. I just assumed it would be the best choice because it seems to have the most 'stuff'.

It's my H that wants the move as he's from the area (just outside Oldham). I don't want to move there so Saddleworth is a compromise of sorts.

I just assumed that Saddleworth School would be good but need to look into schools and spaces for my kids who would be joining new schools possibly mid year.

We have been up on a few occasions but need to spend more than a day to get a proper feel for it.

I'm worried that I won't have enough to do in the absence of friends and family so want somewhere a bit busy with more opportunities to meet people and hopefully make some friends.

Never heard of Mossley so I'll look that up.

TannhauserGate Wed 03-Feb-16 21:23:34

Mossley Hollins High looks a little more promising (from DfE performance tables, not because I currently know children there).

Is your 9yo Y5? Make sure wherever you move that you do it before 31st October, so that you get a fair chance of secondary places, not a late applicant. (that may sound OTT, but house moves, particularly if involving a purchase and sale, can take ages)

Crispsaregood Wed 03-Feb-16 21:38:28

Y4 so a bit of time but I'm not sure how schools work there. I'm aware that in some places you just go to your local school, no problem. Where we are now it's a huge bun fight with tutoring the norm and a real fight for places at a decent school.

TannhauserGate Wed 03-Feb-16 21:50:35

The deadline is still the same- it's an all-England deadline.
Neither Saddleworth nor Mossley Hollins selects, so will be distance only (after LAC, SEN). Blue Coat someone mentioned upthread will require letter from parish priest confirming (?)three years church attendance, so probably not an option.

animaniac Wed 03-Feb-16 21:58:48

It depends what you mean by 'stuff to do'
Uppermill village has some shops, cafes, restaurants, but not activities as such - it's not a town.
Plenty of parks in the area, nice walks (I love Dovestones) - best thing is the countryside on your doorstep one way, but Mcr city centre 10miles the other. I work in Manchester and it's an easy commute.
Re your H being from just outside Oldham but you dont want to move you mean specifically the place he's from?...because Saddleworth IS next to Oldham really.
I know three teenagers who go to Saddleworth School and they seem happy. My husband went there, he turned out alright. It's a good enough school, and it's actually being re-sited so in a few years there will be a brand new building (though don't mention it to the locals, it's caused major controversy!). The main thing that irritates me about Saddleworth School is that you're kind of stuck with it unless you're faith and can apply to Blue Coat (hence us thinking about a move to somewhere in the catchment of both Saddleworth School and Mossley Hollins).
I do think you should spend a bit more time up here, particularly to decide whereabouts to live.

ItsJustPaint Wed 03-Feb-16 22:00:08

Wow... London to saddleworth ?

I'd say that was one hell of a move ( I grew up there and moved away...)

Whereabouts in London are we talking about ?

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