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Commuting to London - help!

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PatchTwitch Mon 02-Nov-15 15:17:08


This is my first post after a being a longtime dedicated Mumsnet stalker, I would be very grateful if someone could offer some advice ??

My partner and I currently live in Lincoln and both (separately) commute to work around once a week to London (near St Pauls/varied). My partner works from home the rest of the time and I work in York, which is about 1.5hr drive. I am coming to the end of my contract at work and as a result will also be working from home and will still likely need to be in London once a week. As we don't have any ties to the area we're in we are considering a move nearer to London but don't have much knowledge, if any, of the surrounding areas. We often spend weekends in London too and love visiting surrounding greenery to walk our dog. We currently have about a 40 minute drive to the train station and then a 2hr train journey to King's Cross, at a cost of about £45 return. So anything better than that is what we're after.

Ideally we would love somewhere a tad rural so we can enjoy pleasant walks with our dog. We're after a 2 bed house and the most important thing is a garden due to the fact that we have an array of small rescue animals (rabbits, Guinea pigs, chickens). If possible, we would ideally want to be within a 1.5 hour drive to a tube line to get us straight into London. I would very much like to cut out the need for a train and stick with driving/tube as I have never quite got my head around the cost of it. Our budget is £220k and we're not fussed on the type of house as we will be planning on moving again in another few years. We've done plenty of research and check houses daily on rightmove but having such a vast area to explore is proving somewhat of a hindrance so to narrow it down to certain areas would be great. However, as we don't know areas this is difficult.

So any ideas on a safe location, within a 1.5hr commute to a tube station (within reason, obviously something end of the line would add on another whack to the commute), would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


CityDweller Wed 11-Nov-15 19:27:51

I think the reason you haven't had many responses is that your search area is so vast! Do you have an inkling of whether you want to be north, south etc of London. And which bits of London do you like?

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