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Brenchley Matfield or Leigh - what do you know?

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nappywilderness Mon 12-Oct-15 09:20:59

I posted in property but perhaps better to post here. Thinking of moving to one of these villages. My DH will have to commute to London 4-5 times a week. Is this going to be hellish? Presume he would go from paddock wood.
And can I check the villages are in catchment for tw/ton grammars?
What are the primaries like?
And is there much to do in way of toddler groups etc? Or is it all in towns? I think Brenchley has a nct group and there are 2 nurseries there.
Is the drive to tw easy? How long does it take? I would like there to be a decent town option nearby and think tw is about 6 miles away right? And buses go there (thinking of kids when older too!)
I have a few friends dotted around the region but none in those villages. Currently love about 40 min over in Surrey but want to move to be more in pretty countryside and get Kent schools.

Toughasoldboots Mon 12-Oct-15 09:27:58

I know them all very well, not so much about toddler groups though as my DC older.
Leigh is catchment (usually) for TWGSB and Weald. The superselectives are TOGS, Judd and Skinners, so it's score only, you can live in any village for those.

None will be in catchment for TWGGS, although the there are about 20 governor places for there, score based.

Matfield and Brenchley, train from PW. Leigh- probably Hildenborough.
Tunbridge wells is hideous to get to, traffic dreadful, pretty much any time, road works for sorting out A21 are ongoing.

Toughasoldboots Mon 12-Oct-15 09:29:36

P.s, my dcs been in local prep schools , local state before that. PM me if you like, would rather not say on here.

nappywilderness Mon 12-Oct-15 13:34:05

thanks for info on schools! Weird not in catchment for TWGSS?
Do you like the villages? Much going on (as much as villages do) community feel etc?

Toughasoldboots Mon 12-Oct-15 14:39:29

Twgss has a very small catchment, we were trying to work out if we could get in at one point and it was being measured in metres. It's usually about 1.7miles, can vary slightly each year.

I love brenchley and matfield but it's not for me to live in full time, very pretty but I don't want to drive everywhere, especially now my dcs are older, they use the buses and trains a lot. Leigh is lovely too and is convenient for the 'back way' to Twells, quite expensive.

It depends on budget, schools and practicality of day to day living I suppose.

Toughasoldboots Mon 12-Oct-15 14:42:19

Also, Brenchley and Matfield are Mascalls catchment for secondary school. You will often see people say that Kent is full grammar area, it's not, there are pockets of comprehensive schools. Mascalls is one of those. Although, I do believe that should you pass the Kent test and are a boy, you will get in to twgsb. Superselectives are fine again if you get the right score.

nappywilderness Tue 13-Oct-15 10:55:38

great - thank you.

Yes we are not quite sure the village life is for us yet tbh. I grew up in the country so on the one hand i would love my children to have that same experience, but on the other i do see the benefits of town and city life, plus commute for us is going to be looooonggg and I'd rather see them. So up in the air!

Florin Sun 24-Jan-16 07:09:40

Brenchley is lovely with a real community feel. For schools Brenchley primary has had a real overhaul in the last few years and is now an excellent school. The grammars in the Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells are in 2 categories. Selective and super selective. The selective ones unless you live on top of the school you won't get in. The super selective ones you will from all the places you mentioned however your do need to be very bright as they will need a near perfect score.
For toddler groups I live nearby and I find there is some great stuff out there but you do have to be prepared to travel a bit further than if you lived in a town.

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