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Berkhamsted Or Queens Park - advice needed

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letsmakecupcakes Mon 10-Aug-15 16:28:58

I have to move from my current home with my daughter (8 years old) and can either move to Berkhamsted were we will have a more rural lifestyle and be nearer family. There are also some great primary schools and from what I have heard it is very safe but I worry that it will not be very stimulating and limited in terms of culture and social life. I am single and would like to make friends and meet someone but I'm not sure how easy that would be. Both my daughter and I are mixed and I worry we might just stand out. But I also see the perks of living in a more rural environment and we will have a garden. I would also need to commute to London 2-3 times a week for work and worry about childcare if I am running later for any reason such as delayed trains.

Queens Park on the other hand is very central and easy, it's multicultural and more representative of the world my daughter will have to navigate in adulthood. BUT there is a large estate nearby, we won't have a lovely garden and safety is improving but it's touch and go. I will be close to work and its affordable in London terms but I worry about the safety and I think there is only one good primary school. I feel it might be easier to integrate in Queens Park and be part of a community but I don't know enough about Berkhamsted to be sure. I worry that I might be really lonely there compared to London where I have friends.

Any advice or information on either of these areas would be really helpful.

Thanks all

cranberryx Mon 10-Aug-15 16:35:24

I live close to Berko (as the locals call it) it's a very nice place to live, if you can afford it. The train takes about 40 minutes to central london, and as it's before Watford Junction you almost always get a seat. It's got very nice restaurants, and is a safe place to live. As someone that grew up in this area, I would suggest it. Queen's Park is nice, but doesn't have the level of safety and space that allows a child to play outdoors. The local schools to Berkhamsted are VERY good, and also the further education in the surrounding area is easy to travel to (for your DC's future).

Although childcare in this area is expensive, it would be worth researching that in a bit more detail - although the after school clubs are fairly good as well.

Hope that helps!

letsmakecupcakes Mon 10-Aug-15 18:11:05

Hi cranberryx, thanks for the info and yes I will definitely check the cost of childcare. It's definitely the space and safety that is drawing me to Berkhamsted but I do worry about integrating and making friends there.

Womaninthecity Fri 29-Jan-16 12:44:39

I was raised in NW London so know QP pretty well. It's a hard one because the area used to be v rough and has completely turned around - however with that said, like everywhere in London, there's a dodgy part around every corner.

I love love love NW London. Would I raise my children there? No. It's become V noisy, polluted and overcrowded. However with that said, if you're looking for an investment as well as a home, then nothing beats QP.

My flat in Willesden Green has risen approx £100k in 2 years!

Good luck!

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