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Help! Rayburn 600 vs Aga and oil boiler

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Upnorth1 Sat 08-Aug-15 10:01:15

Hello all. I desperately need some help please. We have just moved into a cottage that currently has an alpha which controls all the hot water, heating and cooking in the house. Unfortunately we have just been told it is leaking carbon monoxide and cannot be repaired.

We have a choice of replacing it like for like with a Rayburn 600 series which will run the hot water, heating and cooking or we can install a separate oil condensing boiler and an electric dual control Aga.

Does anyone have experience with these machines, Rayburn vs Aga and separate boiler that could advise us on any pluses or minuses of either system, running costs etc? We do not have gas to the property so this is not an option.

We currently have no heating in the property but have had to move in as we were renting previous property so this is a matter of urgency. Help and advice all much appreciated! Thank you smile

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