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Spanish speaking mums in Leicestershire? (Advice needed!)

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Elisabet31 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:31:36

Hi there,

After a couple of years living in London, my husband and I are thinking about relocating to Leicestershire ( I am Spanish, he is British) to start a family and be closer to his family.
I was wondering if there's any spanish speaking mums or mums to be in the area that could give me some advice? (Advice from non-Spanish speaking mums is also welcomed!!)

We are thinking about Market Harborough, as it seems quiet enough, but with shops, restaurants, coffee shops, good schools. And everything walking distance wich is really important for me at the moment as I am used to drive on the other side!!sad

I have been there a couple of times and I loved it but I was wondering how our daily life would be in there. Is people friendly towards foreigners? I know it's difficult to generalise but I want to make sure we move somewhere where people it's quite open minded and it's not gonna be a problem that I am from another country or our kids speak both Spanish and English.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me smile

Wishful80smontage Mon 15-Jun-15 20:36:30

Hi! I'm not sure of any Spanish speaking groups specially but maybe look on 'meet up' for Leicestershire/leicester there's lots of groups bet there's a Spanish one.
I live in Leics and Market Harborough is lovely with lots of lovely cafés and shops smile there's a soft play there and baby groups there and lots in oadby which isn't far.

girlandboy Mon 15-Jun-15 20:50:52

Hi, I don't speak Spanish, but I am in Leicestershire.

Market Harborough is very nice, in fact I like to have a special trip there now and again. It's got some nice shops and I like to have a wander around the indoor market when it's on.

I can't speak for the people of Market Harborough themselves, as I don't live there, but Leicester is a big multi-cultural city with a lot of different nationalities. It seems to me that people are pretty open-minded about people from other countries because we are so multi-cultural here. I don't think you'll find it a problem. And I think your children will find speaking Spanish a definite advantage at Secondary school when they have to pick a language for their exams!!

I found this quote about Leicester in an online newspaper -"The city is often held up as an example of multicultural success, as Britain's most ethnically harmonious city".

Elisabet31 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:50:59

Thanks wishful80smontage! I am gonna have a look at the meet up groups, fingers crossed ;)

Elisabet31 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:55:30

Thank you girlandboy, it's actually a relief to read this. I actually love the area and I have also been in Leicester a couple of times but it's always a little bit scary to relocate somewhere new, specially if you are from another country. But I'm feeling more confident now, I will keep doing some research myself but thank you so much for you help! smile

girlandboy Mon 15-Jun-15 21:01:15

You're welcome Elisabet.

I'm sure it's very scary relocating! I've never moved far, I'm a Leicestershire girl born and bred. I hope you grow to love the area - there are many many lovely places to visit; a lot of hidden gems around.

I hope your move goes well smile

Socalled Mon 22-Jun-15 22:53:25

Not a Spaniard, but a foreigner with a toddler who moved from London to a village in East Leicestershire three years ago. I don't know MH that well - it seems to have quite a few London commuters, which must change the feel a bit? - but the move (which wasn't voluntary!) hasn't been a happy one for me. I find our large village the reverse of open-minded, more than a bit suspicious of foreigners or anyone without longterm connections locally. I suppose it depends on what kinds of things you like to do, but I have to go back to London, because Leicester is a bit of a loss culturally as far as I'm concerned. I joined every possible baby group and made a lot of effort before going back to work, but kindred spirits are few and far between. The countryside is lovely, though, and I hike a lot.

Sorry if that sounds excessively negative! MH may be different, and is bigger, but I underestimated how 'strange' my family and I would be viewed as locally because we weren't originally from the UK, were bilingual, had lived in lots of different countries, I had an unconventional job etc etc.

Elisabet31 Tue 23-Jun-15 09:29:01

Hi socalled, That's my fear... We are renting in North London now, really nice area, people from everywhere in the world, so we are just "one more" and I like that feeling ;) But it's crazy expensive to buy so close to London so really we are gonna have to move further out unless we want to start a family in a 50 square meter flat (and still pay carzy money for it).

I lived in a village in Spain for many years and I know how foreigners or mixed families can also be considered a bit strange, and that's exactly what I am trying to avoid here. It's nice to also have the opinion of another foreigner as sometimes when you are in you own country you don't really think that these things happen as you don't experience them yourself.

We are considering other areas too so if you have any advice please let me know!

Socalled Tue 23-Jun-15 12:03:39

You sound very like us, Elisabet31 - we lived in north London for years in a tiny zone 2 flat, before we moved out when my son was a baby, after a messy set of circumstances. DH commuted Leicester-London for a while when I was on mat leave, but it really wasn't practical longterm, and we'd grown out of our flat, so we moved here, and I'm now working locally. We're planning to stay for another year and then try to find a city where we can both work.

Unfortunately, we really can't afford to move back to London, though I do still miss lots of things about it - as well as the obvious cultural things (I'm passionate for theatre, classical music, esp opera), as you say it's the sheer variety of people. We had (still have!) friends from all over the world, who did all kinds of things in life and often worked in the arts and lived hand to mouth - and I'm a bit beiged out by the lack of variety of people I meet here, nice though many of them are.

Preponderance of SAHMs who have only ever lived locally, surrounded by extended family, and seem very invested in their homes, children and village gossip. I must admit to finding it a bit depressing that I'm considered so strange - foreign, 'accent', speaks other languages, leftwing, unconventional job, only one child and no plans for more, etc etc - and it has limited friendships, because we literally have no common ground, even when people mean very well, and I'm also making a big effort.

Obviously, I suspect Market H may be a bit more various!

It comes down, I suspect, to what is important to you, and what you want from the move. We have ten times more space, peace and quiet, a lovely garden, beautiful countryside, abundant wildlife, a crime-free environment - but the world outside, especially socially and culturally, is simply nowhere near as interesting as our London life, and I feel very isolated.

Elisabet31 Tue 23-Jun-15 19:18:13

I can totally understand how you feel. I guess when one gets used to have everything one tube journey away it's tricky to make the change. And maybe sometimes we think big space, nice views and beautiful countryside it's gonna compensate all of that but maybe it's just "wishful thinking"?
Same way as it can very, very difficult for someone who always lived in a village to adapt to a big city I guess.
Sometimes I think this are the perks of us "travelers", we get used to live in big cities and making friends from "everywhere" who never stay on the same place for too long and then we struggle to find a place to really call home! I guess we'll have to keep searching.
I hope you will eventually feel better where you are living now, or maybe you should think about moving to MH too?! ;) if you are thinking about coming back to London I would recommend you to have a look in St Albans wich is on the north, beautiful, unfortunately it's not on my budget!

Also looking in Newbury on the west. smile

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