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Moving to Thame/Long Crendon/Princes Risborough area

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Flowersandbirds Mon 18-May-15 10:43:53

We are considering the big move out of London and the Thame/Princes Risborough area appeals to us as I could commute to London 2/3 days per week from the station and my husband could cycle/drive or bus to Oxford. I'm a bit nervous because we've lived in London for so long and wondered whether anyone could provide any general help about areas that are nice/travel options including parking at the station or cycling there. Also what people in the area do for childcare during holidays (we are used to a plethora of London holiday camps). Is it easy enough to meet people or are we going to be seen as outsiders? We have a three year old son hence the move before we get into applying for school places.

We've looked at Long Crendon and that seems to be a lovely place with plenty of amenities so I'd love to hear from anyone living in that area as well as the others mentioned.

CAB07 Thu 14-Apr-16 18:21:58

did you ever get a response on this - i'm interested.

Difficultyear2015 Mon 15-Aug-16 13:51:29

I grew up in Thame and long Crendon and went to primary school in princes risborough and then secondary school in Thame.

I think it's a great place. Long Crendon especially is full of similar people like you who moved out of London so you won't be out of place.

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