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Rosie2011 Wed 01-Apr-15 20:33:39

We are thinking of moving out of Surrey to Brockenhurst. Huge move from where we are!. We have been completely outpriced from our area which is sad but now we are seeing the positives. Hubby may decide to work in Southampton instead of London, i will need to get into London twice a week but there is a train, just takes 90mins. We are a young family, both 30 and 32 with a 10 month yr old. We can get so much more for our money.
Im just worried there are not any young people in Brockenhurst and if its a goo idea for our age to move to such a rural location. if anyone lives there, can you let me know the pros and cons and help me out abit! xx thank you

Spiral3 Sun 12-Apr-15 07:05:18

Hi Rosie2011. We are also thinking of moving to the Brockenhurst area. We are a young family but love the New Forest and the fact that it is rural but commuting to London is possible. The schools appear to be good too.

Sausages123 Sun 12-Apr-15 07:08:00

I don't live in Brockenhurst but fairly nearby and I tend to avoid the area after spending too many hours sat in traffic jams

Miggly Tue 19-May-15 09:36:20

We moved here a couple of years ago with young kids and love it - it's a fantastic place to live. Lots of young families here now and the school's lovely. Pm me and I can give you any info you need.

DeladionInch Tue 19-May-15 09:48:55

I live nearby and you'll be amongst friends - I think half the local nct committee live there!

vanillaishisfavourite Sat 23-Apr-16 21:11:25

Hello! We are moving to brockenhurst this summer and are a young family. We have two young children 1 and 3.

TAPSHOES Wed 27-Apr-16 10:14:11

Hey Guys were thinking of moving too! We're 31 with 2 kids.

Can you advice me on the following..

Other than Brockenhurst where else is good for families in the New Forest that would avoid the silly traffic but still have the Forest feel..

What have property prices done over the last 3-5 years? Is the growth decent?

Ethnic diversity - we'reof mixed heritage husband is carribean sounds like a silly question but is cultural diversity evident at all?

What have been the biggest adjustments to leaving London?

Schools -looking at Walhampton anyone heard anything about it good or bad?

Anyone's hubby commute into Canary Wharf? are seats available??

Any help to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated

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