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Your last jobs before retirement

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user1470584717 Sun 31-Dec-17 16:44:33


I am 43, started my career from scratch after almost 10 years of looking after 3 children. Being at this age is already very difficult to be employed, I am in full time employment now but it is a field of full of redundancies (IT). I cant imagine I still be doing the same kind of job in my 50s, 60s with the youngsters! Considering career change in the next 10 years after my mortgage is paid.

What kind of jobs you did before you retired and what age did you retire?

lljkk Sun 31-Dec-17 16:57:02

Think you need to post on Gransnet!

Kidsarekarma Sun 31-Dec-17 17:08:58

You don't need to post on Gransnet, there are people of all ages on here.

I started a new full time job just before my 65th birthday and I'm not planning on retiring yet. It's not IT, but similar and I have years and years of experience in my field so my employers chose me in preference to someone younger with less experience and fewer skills (I used my first computer at work in 1987 way before these youngsters were born!)

I am glad though that I'm office based as I wouldn't like to be doing a physical job at my age - but then I've never really enjoyed exerting myself!

Kingsclerelass Sun 14-Jan-18 01:49:09

I'm still in IT, mid fifties, just working for a lovely smaller company with less aggressive management.
Retirement disappeared into the realm of the theoretical when my ds arrived out of the blue 10 years ago. grin
But I love what I do, so don't mind in the least.

beguilingeyes Wed 28-Feb-18 16:03:43

I'm coming up to 57. I'm about to be made redundant. I've been in banking all my working life.

I'm contemplating early retirement..maybe a bit of dog walking/cat sitting.

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