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my mam is in hospital

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wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:04:01

She was taken in to hospital last night.
She has had a lump for a few weeks and not said anything.

Her arm is all swelled up and she is apparently not well at all. On antibiotics and they will be keeping her in for a week.

I feel so helpless!

It may sound weird, but what is worrying me the most is her alcohol dependency.

How is she going to do this...for over 26 years she has had a drink every single day.

I know when i tried getting her help through every agency possible - they all said it would be far too dangerous for her to just stop.

Being in hospital is going to force her to just stop.

I am really worried.
She cant stand hospitals, she will be so scared and alone and with no alcohol. She will be doing withdrawals in a place she is most uncomfortable.

Anybody know what can/will happen with her drinking suddenly stopping?

BohemianGirl Thu 26-Dec-13 09:27:04

You need to phone and talk to the duty nurse and tell them she has alcohol dependency.

But 'alcohol dependency' will mean different things to different people. Do you mean she is an alcoholic? Or do you mean she uncorks the bottle every night at 6pm and then drinks her way through the evening?

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:28:41

Yes she drinks a bottle of cider at 7 and drinks herself to sleep.
Sometimes she will add a can. Sometimes she will just have 1 ltr. Other times she will have 3.

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 09:29:49

Sorry to hear that, wontlet.

As long as the hospital know that she has been drinking alcohol on a daily basis, they can help her through coming off it. Do you think she will have told them? If not it would really be worth a phone call to let them know.

I hope they figure out what's wrong with her and that she gets better soon.

BohemianGirl Thu 26-Dec-13 09:30:06

She'll cope.

I know it's hard but try not to worry too much

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 09:30:36


At that level she is very likely to be physically dependent and will withdraw. Do make sure that her drs know.

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:32:25

I have just phoned. They know all about her drinking and they are giving her stuff for that.

She has never been in hospital my whole life. Not even to the doctors. She avoids the plague. I hope its not too much for her to cope with!

Thank you all

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 09:38:43

Ah, that's good.

I am sure she'll cope, because it sounds like she needs to be there just now, doesn't it sad?

Hope you get good news soon.

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:44:01

Yeah she is in the best place. Just spoken to her and she says she is fine.
Im trying to stop crying. I know this will be torture for her.

They have done xrays and things to try and find out what is wrong. Hopefully nothing serious!

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:44:45

Trying to stop myself from crying. I meant

LucyLasticKnickers Thu 26-Dec-13 09:46:41

your poor mum.
is she near by that you can visit?

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 09:51:45

Shes not that far. Its just sorting things with the kids to get there.
The only people i know to help is my family, and so obviously thats difficult.

Im thinking my sister might watch them while i go with my dad, or dad while i go with my sis.

Hopefully i can sort something out!
As long as she has somebody there.

LucyLasticKnickers Thu 26-Dec-13 10:01:06

aren't your DC allowed? or do you not think its appropirate?

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 10:09:29

I didnt think it would be appropriate. I dunno, my thinking might be wrong on that. I just assumed its best to not take the them.

I will have a look into it. Thank you!

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 14:32:56

She has had this for a year and a half. It is really bad.
Waiting on results of ct scan. They might not be able to do anything.

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 15:30:22


Oh dear, how worrying for you.
Have you seen your mum today?

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 15:36:20

No. Ive had to watch their dog. I am going tomorrow.
Im really struggling with this. Cant let the kids see im worried and im just falling apart on thr insidr

LucyLasticKnickers Thu 26-Dec-13 15:37:43

sorry to hear that. sad

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 18:32:10

Thank you. Still havent heard the results from thr ct scan.
My dad says he wont ring me if it is bad news - so if he comes herr at 8pm then it is bad news.

Til then...i just have to hope for the best.
My sis came to pick their dog up at 5 and she said the results werent back then.

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 18:34:08

You may only get preliminary results today - drs working today will look at the scan pictures but they may need to be reviewed by a consultant radiologist tomorrow.

Hand to hold here if you need it.

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 19:58:45

Thank you xx

notapizzaeater Thu 26-Dec-13 20:01:04

Hope you get some answers soon x

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 20:07:51

Thank you. Just been told we wont find out the results til in the morning

wontletmesignin Thu 26-Dec-13 20:24:09

God i cant bare this.
Been such a stress head today. Poor bairns are supposed tobe having a good time over christmas and ive been stressin out all day

PacificDingbat Thu 26-Dec-13 20:36:16

See, I thought that might happen sad.

Look, is there any way you can put this worry to one side, deliberately 'put it away' somewhere, in an imaginary box if you want? There is nothing you can do about it, the result will be the same tomorrow as it would've been today and you making yourself more and more anxious about it won't help you, your mum or your kids. Put it away just now and tell yourself you'll deal with it again in the morning.

I am so sorry you and your family are going through this, but you need to find a way to pace yourself a bit. It's v hard work to keep worrying like then when you really have no control over the situation and all the worry in the world won't change anything.

If you want, look up 'mindfulness' - it's a technique to deal with the moment and with the problems of the moment rather than dwelling too much on the past or worrying about the future.

Hope you get some sleep tonight.

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