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Fuck book- what is it exactly?

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mumof3littlemonkeys Fri 06-Apr-12 08:38:49


I found a website which kept coming up on the ipod history- Fuck book. We share the Ipod but I don't use it much. I've searched the name on google and it came up as finding a fuck buddy. I guess I've already answered my own question but I wanted to know if this website could come up as a pop up and how I would know if my BF has a profile. We are not having a physical relationship at the moment and haven't for many weeks (I'm 26 weeks pregnant, PGP/SPD, and also our relationship hasn't been going well at all for a while). I know that my BF is using porn but if he has signed up to this Fuck book then I want to know and I want rid.

Any advice would be great.

McPhee Fri 06-Apr-12 08:43:28

It's a site for casual sex - sorry sad

mumof3littlemonkeys Fri 06-Apr-12 08:53:17


Can't believe this. Well I can because I'm with an idiot but I guess stupid me just thought that I would be able to make things work if things improved. Obviously not. Thanks for your reply

McPhee Fri 06-Apr-12 08:56:39

I'm so sorry.

Hope you get some answers sad

TooEasilyTempted Fri 06-Apr-12 10:07:14

It's a site to meet up for casual sex, however there are often links or pop ups on 'regular, non interactive' porn sites to this site.

If he's using porn then it is possible that another site has linked to Fuck Book and that's how it's appeared in your Internet history.

nizlopi Fri 06-Apr-12 10:11:39

Whatever it is, it sounds classy as hell.

ameliagrey Fri 06-Apr-12 11:05:37

well at least it cuts the crap and short circuits those plonkers on POF etc!

Sorry OP- not helpful, but there may be another explanation.

camaleon Fri 06-Apr-12 11:10:16

Not sure whether something can come up in 'history' unless you have visited. it is different from pop ups I think.

WorriedBetty Fri 06-Apr-12 11:21:47

it can do as its one of those like livejasmin that pops up, and if it is like livejasmin it also does something with java script to add to the function of the back button so that going back will take you to it - this is another way into the history. Another explaination could be that a user could have wondered exactly what you have and clicked on an ad to see what it is.

McPhee Fri 06-Apr-12 23:36:08

How are you doing mumof3 x

mumof3littlemonkeys Sat 07-Apr-12 07:29:15


Thanks for your replies. I'm ok McPhee. Just not really sure what is going on. There were a few times when I was going to speak to him about this but then I chickened out. Firstly I know that he will say that I am paranoid as I am pregnant. I looked again at the ipod history yesterday. The website came up twice but it looked different to the way it came up when I searched for it on the laptop. Same website for sure but the page that came up on the Ipod said pay £4.50 to watch videos from your mobile and the history link was called subscription but when you clicked onto it then it went to Fuckbook. Sorry if this sounds confusing- I don't know how to work the Ipod much. I'm guessing that this means that he has subscribed to Fuckbook? Really don't know.

I'm just really fed up by everything at the moment.

Mum2Fergus Sat 07-Apr-12 07:33:24

I know this doesnt account for the first episode but remember if you are clicking on links to see what they are, that will appear in the history too. Are you 'searching' your own history...

mumof3littlemonkeys Sat 07-Apr-12 07:41:54

Hi mum2Fergus

It was definetly just his usage that I was searching if that makes sense. I've just gone on another site of his to see if it could be a pop up from that but it wasn't. I just feel sick because there could be an innocent explanation as in it is just a pop up or came up by accident or he could have subscribed to it and be up 2 all kinds sad

pingulingo Sat 07-Apr-12 07:58:06

I have a hotmail account that I use anytime I hv to give an email address online and so I get tonnes of sPam in, including fuckbook, fuck buddies etc, I was under the impression they were spam sites and not ones that people actually sign up to. I've clicked it out of curiosity & the sites are desperate to point out how many 'hot girls' there are in my area - all looking v fake and v american.

McPhee Sat 07-Apr-12 08:45:37

Just show him the ipod, say "what the hell is this" his face/reaction. Go from there, but give him a chance to say something. I once caught my DP wanking over a porn site, and HE had put himself on cam. We went through hell, but he's never done it again and we're stronger than ever. The simple fact that I knew, killed it for him.

Good luck.

PRwifey Tue 17-Jul-12 14:45:42

Now, I know that last reply to this was months ago, however, I'm feeling just as sick to my stomach... I was on the computer, and my husband was logged into his email. I wasn't snooping, but it was open and I saw that it said 'welcome to fuckbook' I searched fuckbook, and up pops this website. I'm feeling very betrayed. sad

NoComet Tue 17-Jul-12 14:58:19

Please before jumping to conclusions, accept your DHs may be up to serious no good or very minor no good.

Relatively innocent searches for their favourite actress naked or even fully clothed may lead to all manner of dodgy ads (and I'm hardly going be be pious about this, there are certain tennis players who look very good this way).
Image searches are particularly bad because you click on the picture without seeing the dubious site name.

On a lap top some pop ups will not go away so you click on them in the hope back will then work.

As for iPods, well fat fingers and touch screens have taken me on many a magical mystery tour.

Guiltypleasures001 Tue 17-Jul-12 15:03:46

Hi I get these invites and im not even on face book its spam, it goes to my junk mail, it doesnt mean anything as far as I know, didnt want you to jump to any conclusions.

Guiltypleasures001 Tue 17-Jul-12 15:05:36

May I add I do occassionly look at porn, dp doesnt lol, and it doesnt have to be hard core for this sort of junk mail to pop up in your mail.

Houseofplain Tue 17-Jul-12 15:06:38

Fuckbook is a spam pop up from porn sites, to adult sites such as gaming. If its a pop up. It will show on your history.

So I don't think you can jump to the conclusion he has been looking at that site specifically.

Houseofplain Tue 17-Jul-12 15:09:45

Oh and as for email. In my folder now. I have fuckbook ones,, Christian dating, black dating, gay dating, local shag type ones, I don't even use porn!

Not to mention, I've won a million pounds, Asian dating, eharmony, penis extension, boob job, loans. I could go on. This is from the first page only hmm

Frontline Tue 17-Jul-12 19:03:09

They email me a lot up my hotmail account. I don't met to for casual sex! They also offer me mature The bloody cheek

BonDepart Tue 17-Jul-12 19:17:57

I've got loads of those 'welcome to' that have come to my yahoo account. It doesn't necessarily mean he's been looking there.

fireice Tue 17-Jul-12 19:20:11

I get lots of email from there in my hotmail junk folder.

twinklestar2012 Mon 05-Nov-12 00:00:21

Hi just joined and just read this.
Big urgent help needed.
I unplugged my hubby phone to charge mine and this text popped up from Emma . It said how the fuck did this get on fuck book help/STOP03306601082 I've checked link and its coming up link removed
Now he has never got time for us time, have Bern close once, he never wants to come out with me and kids, always happy when we go out etc

Pls pls help

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