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loss of libido!

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luvlymum Tue 16-Aug-05 09:41:33

Help!! my partner & I are having some difficulties in the bedroom dept, since having our baby 7 months ago I've lost my libido, my partner told me last night that he is not happy at all with our sex life, I am feeling very tired & when we get to bed I just want to sleep, I'm getting a bit worried that he'll leave me, has anyone else gone through this? I'm going to the doctors next week for some more pills & was thinking about mentioning this to him but I find it v. embarassing

beckym Tue 16-Aug-05 10:30:46

Know exactly how you feel, as i feel the same. However, DS is only 7 weeks old. Its very tiring spending all day with a baby, and thats the last thing i feel like doing when we go to bed. SO, can't really give you any advice, but at least you know, you're not alone. I am sure it'll get better for us when we get a proper nights sleep, and the old batteries are re-charged!

In the meantime, I think it is much worse to do it because you feel you have to. That wont help anyone. Perhaps you could get a very trustworthy person to take your baby for the night, and have a nice night in together? A nice meal and a bottle of wine, and who knows what might happen

Easy Tue 16-Aug-05 10:37:01

You'll find a few older threads on here with the same topic, it happens to a lot of us I'm afraid.

It's Okay your partner saying he's not happy with your sex life, but is he doingg anything to help? Does he take his share of childcare? Is he doing anything to woo you, maake you feel loved, desired and sexy?

It takes 2 you know.

And do mention it to your doctor, you wont be the first....

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