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Maybe stupid - but really annoyed!!!!!!!!!

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stupidbutpeedoff Tue 16-Aug-05 03:43:35

Feeling very daft about this, but can't sleep as am honestly quite p**d off!
Am a regular poster but don't want anyone to know! lol
My dp works away and has been away for the last 16 weeks! He came home today, I had planned everything, a lovely meal, nice bottle of wine. suffered the most horrendous bikini wax! etc etc
he came home, announced that he wasn't hungry and went to bed, he's been snoring his head off since 10pm
I was so looking forward to seeing him, spending a lovely evening in catching up, and he just didn't want to know, and didn't acknowledge any of the effort I'd made for his 'homecoming' he literally came in, plonked himself on the sofa, watched tv for a while and then went to bed.
I know he's had a hard time working, staying in hotels, being away from home....but I was sooooo looking forward to this evening with him - he knew that. I'm probably being irrational, and I know it's not a huge thing but I'm feeling really annoyed and upset that I made such an effort and it was all disregarded

Sorry, am really just ranting and feeling sorry for myself! Just needed to get it out!

Bouj Tue 16-Aug-05 05:14:10

I would be angry too. Even if he is tired, it doesn't take much to acknowledge the trouble you went to. I don't think it is stupid, either. As hard for him to go away, work hard, etc, it can't be easy for you on your own. Crikey - he's lucky you didn't thrust a basket of dirty washing in his hands and say 'your turn, I'm having a night out with the girls'!

beckym Tue 16-Aug-05 10:38:31

I too would of been very angry, and think you have every right to be! Im assuming as you're posting on mn that you have kids, so that can't be easy to look after them on your own for such a stretch of time, and perhaps he needs reminding of that. I'm sure you've made friends by now, but do think he was insensitive and could of at least thanked you for the effort you went to, and then said sorry, he wasn't hungry. Then you could of both had an early night. Even if it was only a quick snuggle before sleep. You must of needed one after so long!

steffee Tue 16-Aug-05 11:20:46

I think you are right to be annoyed too. Fair enough he will have been tired after the travelling etc but ten minutes reassuring you that you'd made a great effot and he was happy to see you doesn't sound like too much to ask.

Frizbe Tue 16-Aug-05 11:47:09

your completely right to be annoyed, I remember the situation the other way around a few years back, when I came back from being away and my then partner didn't shift his arse off the sofa to acknowledge my return, so when he eventually did an hour later, I dumped him! told him to move out asap! of course I'm not suggesting you follow this course of's hoping you have a better time of it tonight, once he's rested {{Hugs}}

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