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Anyone been to see a sex therapist?

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deepestdarkest Sat 13-Aug-05 21:01:44

I think I need to.

On my own initially, then probably dh.

Feel a bit scared and just wondered if anyone is willing to share their experiences.

deepestdarkest Sat 13-Aug-05 23:19:10

eek, everyone else has a superb sexual relationship except moi !

hellsbells4 Sat 13-Aug-05 23:25:49

No,ddest, you're not the only one. Take a peek at my 'itchy bits' thread. Sex therapy is probably our next step.

jenk1 Sun 14-Aug-05 11:02:05

hellsbells4-where is your itchybits thread i cant find it

jenk1 Sun 14-Aug-05 11:17:59

ok-just found it

Betty1970 Sun 14-Aug-05 20:17:40

dd you are certainly not alone! My mil is a sex therapist which totally puts me off going to see one; I am sure they are probably v helpful though. Good Luck!

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 20:24:00

OMG! Worst case scenario having asex therapist MIL! Does she ever say anything uncomfortably intimate??

Sorry dd,don't mean to belittle your issue/

Lonelymum Sun 14-Aug-05 20:56:39

Try having a mother who was a psycho sexual counsellor Moondog! Mind you, didn't bother me as I never discuss sex with my parents and she did have some very useful books I used to peruse (privately) when younger.

Betty1970 Sun 14-Aug-05 20:57:50

Hi MD, fortunately she steers well clear of any related topic! I do wonder if she secretly wonders about it though - Oh God, I feel sick!

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 21:54:21

lol betty!
Far out lonelymum!

Lonelymum Sun 14-Aug-05 21:55:21

Oh yes, I know a lot. Can't say I have put much of it into practice though...

moondog Sun 14-Aug-05 22:00:26

Too much theory-it's been my weakness over the years in many parts of my life.

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